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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 12th 2014

Let's just say we never made it to the 7am yoga class... Or thr 9amclass. There is nothing wrong with starting your day at noon when you are on vacation. With a hardy room service breakfast we were ready to hit the pool for a day of relaxation and sun. Sunglasses and napping by the pool was going to be the perfect recovering from our unexpected late night. We got settled into our lounge chairs and within minutes Kemper was already taking advantage of the free five min poolside massages. Kemper was feeling good. This lady had the hands of an angel. Five minutes were up and she stumbled back the the lounge chairs where she left Lindsay. Lindsay was nowhere in sight.. At least not at first glance. There was a lot of commotion from ... read more
Dinner at Los Tres Gallos
Los Tres Gallos Restaurant.
Sunset from our balcony at Pacifica

Our day began with an unsolicited, pushy "wake up call" from our time share lady friend making sure we were up and getting ready for our time share "presentation breakfast." might as well call it a manipulation breakfast, as Lindsay so begrudgingly pointed out. We were up, and the call kind of pissed kemper off. Not a promising start for the time share people. Lindsay reminded kemper that she was just doing her job, and it was only going to get worse from here. Kemper assured Lindsay this was going to be quick, only 90 minutes of our day and a 300 dollar pay off. We get in, we eat, we get out. Interior Pueblo Bonito Sunset sales office. Limper enters the building. "Hello ladies! Mark Weber will be taking care of you ladies". A goofy ... read more
First stop... Pura Vida
In business?
Hotel California

The sun has not quite risen, but both Kemper and Lindsay are wide awake with excitement. It's time for the next "limper" international escapade! Kemper drives to Lindsay's through rush hour traffic, Limper ubers to airport, check in, airport bar, and lift off! And now... The rules and guidelines of the trip. RULES: 1. Safety first 2. Can't move forward without a co-sign 3. Don't take drugs from strangers... Oh wait, don't do drugs. 4. Must blog daily 5. Pants optional 6. Listen to our bodies, minds, and spirits... (Including spirit and personality animals) 7. Don't hold your pee 8. Drink muy Agua 9. Keep it loose 10. Gratitude is our only attitude GUIDELINES / TO DO LIST: 1. Flora farms 2. Get a tan 3. Safely get lost 4. Mexican yoga class 5. Kempers rash ... read more
Airplane tunes
Classic Kemper
Our igloo experience

First challenge of the trip... pack everything into one piece of carry on luggage. Now let me back this up. Every "limper" adventure starts with Lindsay making a stellar packing list. We all know she is the true captain of our adventures... At least when it comes to planning. Every good adventure has a woman behind it. Our adventures have two. And this adventure was Kemper's time to shine. Shine like her skin glistening with bug spray. Lindsay was boggled down with work so Kemper seized the moment and took command of the ever important packing list. In true Kemper style, it was no ordinary packing list. This list has flare. a couple hours and a couple glasses of wine later a new type of packing list was born. We will leave it at that... See ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao October 18th 2012

Day 16 Every goodnight has its peaks and weaks... Our weak was waking up. Reality sunk in that our cell phones had been stolen. It was more about the pictures on the phones that we would never see again that bummed us out. Luckily it was only 2 days of photos we lost...but those were some pretty spectacular photos. It took Lindsay half the day, a couple pharmaceuticals, and Kemper's support to get over it but we both eventually moved on. After Lindsay drugged herself with anti anxiety medicine, we took advantage of the dreary day (both physically and emotionally) by doing some therapeutic shopping. We waked into a few local shops and it was clear that the depression of losing the cell phones had started to fade. As we shopped, Lindsay might have almost knocked ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao October 17th 2012

Day 15 Breakfast, beverages, and a whole lot of deet...Of course that's how we started our day. There was no question, we were ready to get to Koh Tao. A monsoon, a private jeep ride, and an elephant spotting later we arrive at the ferry. It was a scorching hot day without a breeze in sight. The thing about these docks in Thailand is that they tend to be a little stinky. This is a problem that Kemper has had throughout our travels in Thailand. In Bangkok, she looked sweaty and green as we passed street vendors cooking local cuisine. But there was a lot of raw meat and seafood just chillin in the 100 degree heat. And that's a little funky. But this is the norm in Thailand. And at the ferry, there was a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan October 16th 2012

Day 14 To no surprise, we were back starting our day with a gorgeous complimentary breakfast spread. However, this staff was unaware of our necessity for a plethora of drinks. About 5 drinks a piece later and full bellies, we were ready for the beach. We took in some ample sun time and then headed out to explore the twin coves. We climbed a few rocks, walked the stretch of one beach, sweated to no end, and applied and reapplied some serious deet - straight Kemper style. Kemper is deathly afraid of malaria and dengue fever and never leaves a hotel room without ample amounts of deet on and to reapply. Lindsay thinks she is crazy but always thanks her later. We arrived at the end of the first cove and had to back road it ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan October 15th 2012

Day 13 After one of the worst nights of sleep yet to experience, we quickly pull our things together to get the hell out of there. One big obstacle though, it was monsoon'ing. Was it the sanctuary telling us not to leave. Was it one of the many goddesses giving us a sign? Well we weren't falling for it. We knew that these city girls couldn't handle another night of "wanna be" hippie life. We wanna be the type of gypsy's that wander in style and we had to listen to the inner Linz and Kemp. So we grabbed our oversized backpack and headed to the "lobby" without help from a friendly bellhop. We approached the front desk and told one of the Thai hippies that checked us in the day prior that we needed to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan October 14th 2012

Day 12 Goodbye Anantara Lawana, Ko Samui. We will miss you. We packed up our bags and hit the road to our neighboring island, Ko Pha-Ngan. After much debate on where to stay we decided to switch things up and try something new. No more posh 5 star resort for us, we opted for a secluded beach hut at a yoga, meditation, and detox center called The Sanctuary. We had heard great things about this place and we were ready to "experience" what everyone was talking about. Here was the portion of our trip where we would meditate, do some yoga, possibly have a spiritual awakening. And this was the place to do all of those things. Sanctuary does not even take reservations because people are known to check in for 2 days and stay for ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui October 12th 2012

Day 10 God bless the Anantara Lawana and their breakfast spreads. We go to bed at night talking about what comes first in the morning, breakfast or a shower? Breakfast wins every time. Its just so good. Like Christmas morning, we shuffle down to our luxurious beachfront breakfast buffet with absolute excitement. We have now become a bit of a joke to the morning breakfast staff, because first thing we do is order at least 4 drinks.... A water, a juice, an iced cappuccino, and a tea (sometimes hot, sometimes cold). We love our beverages. We sat and enjoyed our lovely meal while cracking up over our wild night last night. If only we had a picture of us on the back of this Brazilian guy's scooter. Too good. We talked about whether or not we ... read more

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