Galapagos and Beyond: day 15 - Pueblo Bonito Rose resort

Published: July 12th 2018
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Lazy day spent sun bathing, reading and generally relaxing. We did use the gym today and a few other days, but our personal workouts at the resort did not seem as strenuous as traipsing around the Galapagos islands!

Caroline started her search for vegan food. She sought out the manager of the hotel and submitted a very long complaints form. She and Max were so disgusted that they spent much of the rest of the trip eating at the vegan restaurants in town, despite the 'all inclusive' food having been paid for within the resort. We were a bit concerned as we had been warned that Cabo is one of the most dangerous tourist spots in Mexico.

Another comment about the food and drink and general attitude of the resort. Yesterday when we arrived at the resort, there was no greeting drink in the lobby. This contrasts with the Wyndham Quito Airport hotel which had free coffee, a tea urn, cold water and juice 24 hours a day, as well as bicuits and fruit. Likewise some of these have been available in most decent hotels and resorts wherever we have stayed around the world. Here we had flown via overnight flights and connections, plus a long hot wait for the shuttle bus, finally arriving parched and tired. Pueblo Bonito Rose resort had nothing for us in the lobby. They made us wait extra-long before room checkin. They let us pay quickly for the week and gave us our magic bracelets, directing us to a pool bar where we could use them to obtain water. But it was before noon (the formal start of our stay) so potentially we would have to pay extra for anything including water. And when we asked at the bar for a glass of water, they gave us bottles! The amount of plastic bottle waste at the resort was frightful.



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