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I felt a slight nudge on my right shoulder as I nap through the 2 hour flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, it was Tim, one of the French guys in our group of 7 who will be doing the Inuit trail for 12 days. He pointed the scenery outside the window, we are approaching Kulusuk and you can see huge icebergs floating out into the sea and some smaller ones closer to shore, the landing tarmac is gravel yet the landing was smooth, we are now in Greenland. The sun was shining, a bit chilly and the menacing mosquitoes annoy you. The airport is quite small, we waited outside for our luggages to be brought out by a fork lift, it parks on the side and people start to gather their belongings, a quad bike came ... read more
Sermilik Fjord
Day 5 campsite

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