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travel magazines

I found a great site that lets you read magazines at no cost. It's called [url=http://www.mygazines.com/]www.mygazines.com[/url]. It has all the top travel magazines like Travel + Leisure. Well if you like magazines, but don't like to pay for them (like me) - have a peak
14 years ago, July 24th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #42913  
It's pretty cool... you can read the magazines and also save articles for later. I spent quite some time on it today and found some great vacation spots that are going on my very very long list!!

can you tell i'm new?

here's the link: www.mygazines.com
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6 years ago, October 5th 2015 No: 2 Msg: #193399  
I have seen this magazine but I like Outlook Traveller's magazine because its a complete package. Reply to this

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