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July 1st 2012
Published: July 2nd 2012
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This is the month we will begin our next adventure. It won’t start until sometime after the 23rd, but all of a sudden it feels close. There are still lots of things to do, but little by little we are getting ready. The RV has had its scheduled maintenance and it is gassed up. We’ve given notice of our “intent to vacate” where we store the RV. I’m working on using up items from our freezer that won’t be going with us on the trip. We turn off our fridge at home and the fridge in the RV is much, much smaller. We’ve checked with the Canadian website for what items we can take and what is prohibited. There were a few surprises such as potatoes from the western states. Of course I just recently bought a 10 pound bag of Idaho potatoes, so we’ll be using those up before we leave. Any meat we take with us needs to have a label with its country of origin, and USA meat is just fine. Unfortunately the meat I have cut up and repackaged is now in the “we need to eat this before we leave” category. There was a great sale recently on whole beef tenderloin, so it looks like we will be eating really well during the next 3 weeks as its part of my repackaged meat.

I haven’t yet said exactly where we will be going. We are heading to eastern Canada and then down into the New England states and that is about as specific as I can be. We like to wander and have a very loose schedule, or sometimes no schedule. We’ll visit places along the way. I’ve never been to Quebec City, so that is on our list. George has been looking up festivals and we should be able to attend some. We priced the ferry to Newfoundland, but plan on skipping that excursion. Our dear dog Lizzie is quite elderly and she would have to be in a kennel for the trip which last 6-7 hours. I think the stress would be too much for her and the price of the boat is also rather high. There are so many things to see and do, we have to make choices. I am also one that likes to spend some time in a place and just enjoy being….especially if I have a great view of the ocean or some awesome body of water to watch.

I am so very excited to see the ocean and the tides again. I can’t wait to finally see the Bay of Fundy. We should be able to enjoy some great fresh seafood. We’ll be on the road about 3 months. During our time in Canada we will have our phones turned off. That will be a major withdrawal for me. I am used to being able to use my phone to look up info and to stay in touch. We will have internet at some of the campgrounds and if not, then there are various hot spots where we can connect. We’ve been looking into the phone cards as that is what we used on our last extended trip in Canada. I do plan on blogging about this next trip, so I hope you’ll follow along.


2nd July 2012

When you cross into Canada they will ask if you have guns or liquor and they will want the dog's rabies vaccination records. We made Buddy a lirrle "passport" with a printout from the vet inside. When you cross back into the US they will ask if you have citrus fruit, poultry, beef. That's when the label of origin is needed. The potato thing is a new one to me. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.
2nd July 2012

Dogs & Newfoundland
Newfoundland is wonderful- When we went we were able to leave the dog in the RV. and were able to visit every 2 hours. but maybe they have changed the rules. check it out. you will love prince edward island..have a good time.

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