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June 15th 2011
Published: June 16th 2011
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Watson Lake was a very little town just over the border from BC. We stayed the night here and unfortunately I had one killer migraine. BJ spent the night uploading the last blog and choosing photos to publish with it while I slept and tried to get rid of the headache. In the morning we gassed up and headed out to find the Signpost Forest.

This is the BIG attraction to Watson Lake. It all began in 1942 when a homesick solider posted a sign with the mileage to his hometown on the marker in town, after that a tradition began. What started with a few signs has now grown to a collection of signs and oddities that number over 55,000. There are street signs and town signs from Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and America… almost any place you can think of. If it is not sign stolen from a hometown it is a handmade sign with names, dates, places and personality. There was even a toaster hung up among the signs. Some have definitely fallen into unreadable disrepair, others have stood the test of time, but every sign that is left is placed somewhere in this growing forest. If you ever have the chance to pass through this area you must stop and check it out.

The drive from Watson to Whitehorse was another beautiful stretch of road, nothing too exciting happened, actually that is a lie. A truck in front of us was pulling a very square and boxy trailer and was getting impatient being behind a 5th wheeler. When he decided to pull out and pass the 5th wheeler he caught a bad side gust and began fishtailing all over the highway. BJ and I were certain he was headed to the ditch and we would be witness to a horrible accident. By some grace, luck or angel that truck managed to hold on and pull through that fish tail. Those boys definitely had to clean their shorts after that. Scary!!!!

We entered Whitehorse, found a campsite and took a drive into town. Since it was later in the afternoon we decided to see all the attractions the next morning and treated ourselves to a dinner out. If you have a craving for a good salad head to the Edgewater grill- best salads we have had in a long time. The spinach salad was huge and full of fresh berries, cheese, almonds and delicious dressing!

We went back to camp and set up for a night of cards and movies. When we were done watching the movie I got out of the tent to put our gear back in the truck and WOW! The amount of sunlight we still had was unbelievable. I guess I had thought that when we crossed the Arctic Circle suddenly it would change from normal night and day to 24 hour daylight, not so.

We finished watching the movie around 11:30pm, when I got out to put everything away it still looked like it was 8:00pm. Whitehorse is getting somewhere around 18 hours of sunlight every day. It’s incredible to be going for a walk at 9pm and it still looks like its 5pm. It plays with your inner clock for sure.

Today we checked out the SS Klondike and took a tour at the Yukon Brewery. If you are able to find any beer by Yukon Brewery you must give it a try, excellent! My favourite was Deadman’s Creek and BJ loved Ice Fog.

Well, I guess that sums up the last few days. From here we head to Dawson City tomorrow. I am so stoked to get there! It has been one of those dream destinations for a while and I cannot wait to check it all out in person.

Happy Travels!

Love BJ & Erin

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16th June 2011
Yukon Beer

Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!!! I miss you already though! I'm so glad you are blogging, keep it coming! Hug each other for me! xxoo Love Becs
16th June 2011

I carry that beer at work! not those two types though, we have the lead dog, a mix pack and a few others...can't remember! Sounds like an amazeing trip still! Cant wait to see/hear more!

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