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July 22nd 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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This has been a long leg. The food that I said I would l judge was not at all disappointing, but as I write about food, I realise it is once again time to eat. My body clock is all weird; my wrist watch says its 11AM, wow, that means I've stoof still in time, except for the fact that I set my watch back by 7 hours.

We're over Montreal, Canada now, so on the map we are slowly approaching the Great Lakes. All the big names that I've seen on the world map are now flitting by below us.

I unsucessfully tried to watch a movie, but got too bored, its more entertaining peering out the window and seeing the landscape below. There is sparse cloud cover at about 10000ft, and right next to us I can faintly see the puffy contrails left by an airliner also travelling the Trans-Atlantic Route. I found out from Frank van den Heever today that the Route changes daily, and all aircraft from Europe will tend to follow the same route; it apparently is generated to avoid the impending weather that can so easily pop up over the open ocean.

609 Miles to go. Hoping we fly Westwards over Lake Michigan, through the state of Michigan; I have a Chiili's song that needs listening to.


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