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July 22nd 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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After the longest flight of my life, both literally and figuratively, I am now on US soil. In the last two hours of the flight we flew across the Great Lakes, and they are quite literally, great. The width of Lake Michigan trumps any flight across Algoa Bay. On the point of Michigan, I got to listen to "Especially in Michigan" whislt flying over Michigan, so I'm pretty chuffed, even if it actually means nothing. The flight from there was quick, ending with a shaky descent, and a bumpy, swervy landing.

The process through immigration was about 5 minutes, then waited about 15 minutes for my luggage, 10 seconds through customs, and then out into the free world. I must say, I had quite a smile that crept across my face as I walked out of the doors into the arrivals area; I am in the USA, how awesome is that.

At the moment it all feels pretty much like a normal airport, not having left yet, or seen the surroundings.

Once out of the terminal, I easily found the bus allocated to our tour group and threw my luggage on board. I then did what any tourist should do and tried out the local cuisine; a Big Mac, Fries and a Coke. In contrast to many things I have heard, the burger is not double our South African size, they dont offer Upsize to each customer, and they are not lightning fast.

Had a nice meal, and now I'm sitting on the bus waiting to leave for Oshkosh. Someof the guys are tryng to call home etc; I'm feeling the effects of being without communication, it feels awkward now, but it can only be an amazing thing.

I'm hoping that we're in the process of leaving now, it feels about time.


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