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October 1st 2012
Published: October 1st 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hey everyone! Since we're too lazy to bother telling you all individually, Molly and I decided to do this blog about our travel adventures. By the way, we decided to up and leave Montreal to travel the United States! We both bought Discovery Passes- it's something Greyhound offers where you can buy 7-,14-,30-, and 60-day unlimited travel passes. The catch was, the last day you could purchase one was the 30th of September, so as much as we'd love to return and see all your beautiful faces, we're taking advantage of this awesome deal and opportunity to see (as Molly likes to put it) 'Murica. We are currently in Toronto visiting family, and will be heading to Kelsey's place in Oakville for a few days, and a turkey weekend at her cabin in Michigan. Our first travel date is the 10th of October, so as we solidify our trip plans, we'll post more blogs! They'll most likely be posted through Facebook, so just look there once in a while. We're not really sure where we're going to start as of yet- we're still gathering info on the cities and sights we want to visit, then we're gonna decide what the best route to take is. We're not really practiced at blogging, so we'll try and make this (almost) as entertaining as the trip itself, with lots of random stories, photos, and thoughts on stuff we've seen, are going to see, or wish we hadn't! :D

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