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September 10th 2021
Published: September 10th 2021
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Passover vacation destinations should be at the top of your list to ensure a bold celebration of Passover for your family, in the coming year.

The Passover Holiday is a grand time of great festivity amongst Jewish people, to commemorate their liberation from the bondage of Egyptian slavery. The style of celebration varies among the two major Jewish groups; Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. Each group celebrates Passover with varied customs. Other Jewish groups celebrate Passover with varied levels of leniencies or stringencies.

Almost all Jewish families that book a Passover vacation want to participate in and enjoy day trips or excursions, during the intermediate days of Passover.

This niche area of day trips and excursions is the special focus of the team at We feature a wide variety of fun family activities, including day trips, travel excursions, and onsite events offered by tour operators, theme parks, and Kosher for Passover hotels and resorts. brings your Jewish family the best day trips and fun family travel excursions, through which your family can fully experience a joyful Pesach Getaway.

On the premium Passover vacation destination portal of, your family can find and book your family vacation destination for Passover. Your just a few clicks away from a phenomenal place to stay for the Passover Holiday.

On behalf of Jewish families that want an affordable and all inclusive Passover vacation, we have done thorough research to find, list and promote the very best options for Kosher for Passover hotels and resorts. Premium Passover program providers for Kosher for Passover vacation destinations often list on our Passover travel portal.

Jewish families that want to reserve accommodations at the top Passover hotels and resorts can easily search for Kosher for Passover options on Here, Jewish people can easily search by vacation destination locations, activities, and amenities offered by premium Passover vacation destinations.

Jewish families often choose to travel to Kosher Passover hotels or resorts in major cities throughout North America. Here is a list of popular major cities, in Canada and the United States of America.


Canada is a very beautiful country that is located in the North American continent. Canada offers a perfect blend of: beautiful scenery, cozy stay points, diverse food options and great sports and cultural attractions for Jewish families to enjoy.

Besides fabulous fun activities for Jewish families, Canada is known for the friendliness and politeness of its citizens and outstanding hospitality. Moreover, Canada is is home to the richest mix of diverse cultures. Jewish tourists and visitors that vacation at Kosher for Passover hotels and resorts will amass a lifetime of phenomenal experiences.


This densely populated city of Canada offers great options for tourists, ski enthusiasts, and those who love boating. Its picturesque mountains are only outshone by the grand banks of its West Pacific shores. Hikers will delight in its ancient forests, hiking trails, swimming and surfing options. Vancouver, Canada is a beautiful place to visit, which offers vast ecological diversity and picture perfect photography scenes.


Being located at the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is known for its grand skyscrapers and its high-rise buildings, many of which were designed by world famous architects. Toronto features world class hotels that offer the best in upscale Passover hospitality options.


The Passover celebration in the city of Montreal, Quebec is a unique opportunity for tourists to delight in. Montreal, Quebec is home to the largest concentration of Jews of French and Morrocan ancestry. During the intermediate days of Chol Chamoed, there are many fun activities to participate in. Here you will delight in lavish meals featuring kosher foods that are rich in French culinary influence.


The city is bestowed with good quality housing, safety, and impressive healthcare facilities. Halifax has a low crime rate. Halifax is home to prominent historical sites, culturally rich museums, and spacious public gardens that are blooming with gorgeous flowers and exotic plants.

Passover destinations in Canada shall be on your top list, to experience cultural diversity, nature’s floral fragrance, great hospitality, and prestigious Passover celebrations.

USA (United States of America)

The USA rules the hearts of many vacationers, with its like-home hospitality and comfortable culture, which caters to tourists that crave great food, room service and concierge services, ‘at the ring of a bell’. The country is blessed with a wealth of cultural heritage, comfortable upscale hotels, and resorts. Special arrangements for fitting accommodation of Jewish tourism are available at all major hotels and resorts, in the USA. Be prepared to delight in delicious Kosher food. Here, in the United States of America, a Pesach vacation is sure to be a memorable experience for all Jewish families.


This American city is known for its “firsts” – the first subway system, the first Public Park, etc. Being considered as the progressive city of the USA, Boston is full of influential and innovative people to add beauty to your happy times. The green lands and clear blue sky is what makes it the favorite choice of many tourists.


It is a joyous land of the USA which is full of beaches and water sports. The south beach and Miami Beach are the two major beach areas and the famous attraction points of the city. From sunbathing, to swimming to making beautiful sandcastles to river walks, everything holds great pleasure and belongingness.

Los Angeles

Fondly known as LA, the city is a prominent example of a perfect climate and beautiful culture. Oftentimes, it is considered an entertainment city because this is where the roots of the Hollywood industry lie. Most importantly, LA is believed to be a clean and safe holiday destination during Passover.

New York

A highly populated city of the USA is known for its unique shopping marts and outlets. This vibrant city is a fashion hub besides being home to famous business tycoons. Spending a few days in New York gives you an idea about almost all cultures as it shelters people from various parts of the world.

There are several reasons to head towards the US for your Passover celebration and grab the best experience for your life.

But there are also great travel options available South of the US border.


Some countries located in South America seem to be affordable and luxurious Passover destination vacation hot spots, due of their less authentic appearance.

This continent treats you to some exciting places that add a unique experience to your annual excursion. Though there exist several beautiful places, yet let’s talk about the most beautiful ones.


This little island country located on the shore of The Caribbean Sea sits as the unheard tale. An absolutely picture-perfect country with unique architecture, desert-like landscapes, white beaches, and colorful social life makes it an apt travel destination.


It is the capital city of Venezuela famous for its restaurant chains providing the best to treat your Passover meals in the perfect manner. It is also a hub of museums, shopping centers, and theaters that keeps you and your beloved family happily occupied throughout the days and nights.

São Paulo

This famous city of Brazil is known as the land of drizzle and is considered as the best escape from the noisy world and life full of rush. This green city is home to many species and cultures. The grounded nature of the people here makes it a suitable hospitality hub.

Buenos Aires

This famous capital city of Argentina has become a major tourist attraction because of its nightlife. It has award-winning cocktail bars, big clubs, gig venues to underground nightspots pertaining to the requirements of all.

Isn’t it always better to explore something unique and let your experiences talk louder when the world sits quietly? So, why not consider South American countries and add better energy to your Pesach days.


The largest continent is certainly a home to diversity and several hospitality options in each distinct country. Though most of the Asian countries and cities are best-suited Passover destinations, yet we have some top-notch cities on our listing to give you a sound experience.


This Indonesian island is home to coral reefs, beaches, forests, and mountains. Besides the beautiful nature essence, Bali is well known for its hospital, unique resorts, and food culture. Thus, it becomes the best Passover destination for the Jewish where culture blends beautifully with the climate.


An iconic city in western Russia is known for Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, and historical museum. Russia being the largest country provides a collective experience of various places altogether and understands the expectations of all types of tourists.


The entertainment city of India is home to people from all parts of the country. Thus, a few days spent in Mumbai gives you an all-around experience of major parts of the country. Being the working capital of India, Mumbai has some best elite hotels, resorts, food outlets, fashion marts, and a lot more.


This busiest city of Japan is preferred for its extended heritage and series of unique temple architecture. Furthermore, its exclusive dine-in options, aesthetic stay points, and unusual malls act as the icing on the cake.

Besides, these wonderful options you can always have your preferred addition to the list at Vacation Passover. We know how tedious it becomes to plan a vacation in your busy schedule. As a result, get in touch with our team at: and get your happy days planned well in advance.

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