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January 19th 2016
Published: January 26th 2016
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Niagara Falls to Toronto today by bus. Had a late start as there was no rush. Bus was departing 1235. Original plan was to catch the local bus up to the bus terminal (had to walk the last 10 mins) but then about 1000…it started snowing. And steadily got heavier. OK, so the locals just called it a flurry…but to us it was snowing!! And how beautiful it was. Just after 1400 we arrived in Toronto..where it wasn’t snowing, so we walked 1km to our hotel…dragging out bags. Staying at Cambridge Suite Hotel…dumped our bags and then set off to explore. On the way to the hotel we noticed a line of people forming a queue to a Japanese Cheesecake shop….so we headed back there to see what all the fuss was about. We joined the queue to experience this cheesecake worth lining up for. There were so many rules for this place…only one cheesecake per person, no holding places in the queue for friends..etc etc. I love it when we come across a place like this accidently. No research or anything. As I’m writing, we have yet to taste said cheesecake, but I will let you know tomorrow!!


Firstly…Cheesecake was devine!! It’s like nothing I’ve had before. Like a sponge texture, but oh so much lighter, with a beautiful custard flavour. Just amazing. Worth the wait..I can see what all the fuss is about.

Today we had a day walking around Toronto. It was a beautiful, freezing day. The sun was out, and the temp was down, but so nice to be out and about. We walked to the markets, down along the waterfront and enjoyed exploring on foot. Then, back to the hotel for an amazing spa and sauna…and a relax before going out for dinner (my birthday dinner) to Baton Rouge restaurant. We were so surprised and amazed at the place. It is a chain, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but really want to go back there again now. It has a beautiful interior with so much character and feel. Then the food – oh boy! We both ordered a steak with a lobster tail. A good size, big, but not stuff yourself big, and cooked to perfection..with so much flavour. Hmm, maybe I should stop my food rave now. Oh, the cheesecake I had for dessert was also just amazing.


Happy Birthday me. And what a great day it was. Firstly, I had so many birthday messages on fb, it was hard to keep up (they started coming in last night Aussie birthday time) and continued all day. I got a stunning ring from Phil, one I’d seen in Milan that I loved and got to spend the day in Toronto. We had to check out at 1100 and then weren’t catching the train to Oshawa till 1800, but the hotel let us leave our bags there while we went out. We went to see a movie to help kill some time – The Revenant. A long movie and I kept my eyes shut for the first half hour due to the fighting and killing scenes, but then I could watch the rest. It’s a good story and brilliantly filmed. Then, as planned yesterday we had a Caribbean Roti for late lunch. A bit of further exploring, posting Mia’s dress to her and then back to the hotel to get our bags and find the train station. It was only an hour walk, so there we were, dragging our bags down the streets of Toronto..while it was snowing to catch a train. How surreal!!!

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