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April 24th 2005
Published: April 24th 2005
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From the Royal Palace of Ninevah at the Royal Ontario Museum
I have to admit that I felt a lack of enthusiam for this upcoming trip. Perhaps its because I've already been to Toronto, New York and Italy but there are always new adventures to be found in familiar territories.
Albert and I went to the Royal Ontario Museum as it was free on fridays. There were decent roman, greek and egyptian collections but that seemed to be the highlight of the museum. I didn't see a lot of Canada's history (perhaps thats in another museum).
One random thing I did learn, that I'll share to enhance your trivial knowledge, is that all people, at the end of the 1500s, ate with their fingers or with the knives that they carried as their personal possessions at all times (spoons were graciously provided by the host). It was only in the 1600s, forks were introduced to the masses by the Italians resulting in a transformation of eating etiquette and what was/was not acceptable at the dinner table (stabbing your steak with your knife was no longer cool).
I guess with that in mind, we ventured past the Annex and Koreatown to try some Ethopian food at the Queen of Sheba restaurant. The two
Distillery DistrictDistillery DistrictDistillery District

area with cool shops, art galleries and cafes. This is also where the movie Chicago was filmed
of us ended up sharing this enormous platter that contained vegetarian, chicken and beef dishes on it. Injera, a traditional bread was the serving platter and utensil. This resembled a pancake and had a bit of a tangy taste to it. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Ethiopians, like the Indians, saved the left hand for wiping the derriere purposes (its a world wide conspiracy against us lefties!).
I'm quite envious that Albert lives in downtown Toronto and next door to the St. Lawrence Market. Inside were all sorts of tasty bits to make some delicious meals and prices were not inflated to accomodate yuppies. The thing to do at the market is grab a peameal bacon sandwhich, which has become reknowned in Toronto. Celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones and celebrity chef Emeril have all tasted this sandwich. The sandwich lives up to its reputation and is extra tasty with honey mustard or dijon mustard.
The one truly Canadian experience I'll have in Toronto will probably be the Maple Syrup Festival we're planning on going to this afternoon at the Distillery district.


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