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June 28th 2010
Published: July 14th 2010
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BrokeBack MountainBrokeBack MountainBrokeBack Mountain

With Molson's beer

The Gay Pride Parade.

The parade must have been two hours long in the blistering heat.
The week end attracts about a million visitors to Toronto.

There's a very prominent sub-culture of gays just
two blocks north of my residence, but this week end the whole street lights up with big
burley guys in leathers holding hands, really big transexuals strolling about , muscle men in their speedos and if you're familiar with Saturday Night Live, you'll understand "Pat look-a-likes".

The parade had representatives from the Toronto Police, The Mounties and even the the British Bobbies (see photo).

Political celebrities included national political leaders and local mayoral candidates for the upcoming election and even TV's Rick Moranis was there.

The whole parade route was lined at least three deep with spectators. Unless you got there early it
was hard to get a good view.
Naked guys, leather dudes, sex workers and parents of gays formed the parade.

One group, "Gays against Israel apartheid" was forbidden to enter. They did anyway
and the news after the parade was that the city
may restrict funding for Gay Pride next year because of it.
British BobbyBritish BobbyBritish Bobby

It wasn't only the Canadian police forces who sent representatives.
speech? I don't think so.

Israel was the only country represented
with lots of flags and a loudspeaker announcement that included:
"Israel is the number one protector of Canadian rights in the middle east!"
It sounded like a radio commercial.

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sex workers want rightssex workers want rights
sex workers want rights

It would be a good idea to legalize it and get rid of the pimps, control the violence and collect taxes.

Spank Me! I've been a bad boy!
Rick MercerRick Mercer
Rick Mercer

Popular satirist on CBC television.

A chance to wear your Sunday best.
Night time streetsNight time streets
Night time streets

Everything shows...I mean, goes.
Special Milk Too?Special Milk Too?
Special Milk Too?

Even the milk has a sexual preference.

4th December 2010

What can I say? Wow, double wow.

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