My Trip to Niagara Falls

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October 15th 2009
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My trip to nigara falls wasn't the most normal but it sure was alot of fun. The first thing we did when we got there was walk up and down the main strip of nigara. The main strip of the town looks like an amunsemnet park. Next we walked down the street and went into the guniess world records. Nothing really that interesting in there. After that we made our way down to the falls where we meet up with the rest of the school since we took a car with our teacher ot get there. So after we met up with our school we we walked beside the falls and me and a couple of friends were exicted to go on he maid of the mist since we saw it going down in the falls. Unforturenlty it closed down because of the wather which is pretty lame. So instead of that we went inside and wacthed a lame moive about the falls that taught me nothing(biggest waste of seventeen dollars ever). After that we got free time and could go anywhere we wanted. So me nick, anderw w, andrew s, ian went to the main strip of town. It was pretty exicting being in the main strip of nigara falls but it go boring after a while. So we where looking for things to do but couldn't really find anything so we just went to tim hortans to have a snack and think. We came up with idea of mini putt golfng but it was to expensive so we went passed the main strip and meet up with another group form ms featherstones class. They had already been to downtown niagara and wanted to expoler the main strip and we wanted to go downtown niagara because we had already expolred the main strip. So we talked for a couple of mintues and they conviced use that to go back down the main strip with them. Then we got borried again. So we went into dave and busters and played video gamed for the rest of the day. But for a day off school it wasn't that bad hopefully the next school gets to go on maid of the mist.

P.S we should have taken our teachers car.
Sam Sanderson


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