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May 1st 2008
Published: May 2nd 2008
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It has been an indescribable six months since we last stepped foot in our homes. We have seen and done so much, it is immeasurable. As we walked out of terminal 3 in Pearson airport, a wave of familiarity rushed towards us. After 175 days abroad, we are finally home. And we couldn't be happier.

Thanks to everyone who posted their comments and messages and took their time out to read our blog. It was fantastic knowing there were people out there intrested in our travels. It has been one hell of a long, bumpy ride. But we couldn't have asked for anything better.

Take care, and for the last time:

Love from home,
Chris and Evan


2nd May 2008

You Guys
Evan, Chris, You guys planed, committed to and executed a fabulous trip. Two unlikely souls in many ways formed the yin and yang to pull off a trip that overcame illnesses, poverty, burocratic incompetence. and sleeping together longer than some marriages last. What a friendship you have cemented. I am jealous of the brotherhood you have formed and so proud of your personal and social accomplishments. Mattresses for 50? Commin' Up!! your photos and excellent journalism kept us embedded with your joys and adventures. Hey! the Men who returned are 6 months older...wiser... and have seen a world that none of us have experienced. Good work son. I'm very proud Dad

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