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February 18th 2018
Published: February 23rd 2018
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Mmmm, TravelPod is defunct and I’ve overtly said I’m not blogging this trip. Instead, I’m choosing to on-line diary despite that being a subtle differentiation.

Our preparations for departure were unusually calm. Starting early with visits to those we want to see beforehand, finding some warm and leaveable winter coats at Value Village, ordering tech bits early and getting a grip on next-year apartment rentals started a steady, manageable pace on the track to finally exiting unit 1106’s door.

Mom and Dad are wintering in Halifax for the first time, Emma and Hannah are taking up skiing, Kelly and Marty are in high gear on their careers, we have friends and family whose circumstances are on our minds, and we leave in good health and spirits. And our suitcase holds three characters chosen by our granddaughters to be our travelling companions: Johnny (a gorilla with a microphone, Emma’s choice); Jasmine (a princess, Hannah’s); and Sophie, my very first beanie-boo, chosen by them both.

Our return to Holiday Inn on Dixon is easy and familar. Our meeting Lori and Nick for dinner at the Keg is unexpected and wonderful - a gift beyond measure. Our lunch at Lone Star with my fav fresh-made nachos and salsa tickles my palette.

On line checkin warned that I neglected to include my middle name on my ticket and that that fact would keep me from gaining a boarding pass - good to learn early, but a little unsettling as I had to get my British Airways points ticket cancelled and rebooked on Cathay. Done over the phone, but a trip by shuttle to the airport was needed to unblock the file so I could check in. Having an afternoon free to get it sorted was a boon. Perhaps lesson learned?!

I leave my puffer jacket in the hotel room with a note to pass it on; John gives his to the shuttle driver. Load lightened.

The travel rhythm is in full gear already. We think we’re ready for our Premium Economy seats tonight at 1:25am. But are we?


2nd March 2018

Many Thanks
Nothing like a familiar voice from far away.
2nd March 2018

Generous sharing. Entertaining and informative.
Almost as real as being there. On thing for sure, I would never ask for a bike in that place.

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