Thunder Bay: The Cruel Sport of Deer Hunting

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February 9th 2012
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Deer Following UsDeer Following UsDeer Following Us

The deer will follow you because they think you want to feed them, which makes it all the more cruel when people hunt them.
Hunting of deer in Thunder Bay for “wildlife management” is unnecessary and cruel.

This program will only help to ensure that there are plenty of animals for hunters to kill enabling a high revenue on the sale of hunting licenses.

The program will disrupt the natural migration and hibernation patterns of deer helping to destroy close-knit families. Furthermore, the hunted animals will suffer severe stress from the inescapable loud noises and other commotion that hunters create. This will affect their normal habits such as eating and storing energy to survive the freezing winter months.

Most hunters tend to shoot deer two or three times before they eventually die. This is not only painful for the animal, but it is extremely cruel.

Hunting is also an ineffective method to “control” deer populations. Recent studies have suggested that sterilization is an effective long-term solution to overpopulation of deer herds. This will eventually reduce the herd size once females have been captured and marked.

Hunters are the ones destroying and sending wildlife into extinction. This is sad and disgusting. What beauty will be left for our future generations? We need to put a STOP to deer hunting once and
The Deer Are FriendlyThe Deer Are FriendlyThe Deer Are Friendly

The deer in Thunder Bay have been fed by people and now trust them.
for all.

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A deer watches closely while hiding its young.
Deer Crossing the RoadDeer Crossing the Road
Deer Crossing the Road

Beautiful herd of deer crossing the road.

13th November 2013

Thunder Bay deer huntingi
I fully agree with your opinion regarding this Thunder Bay deer hunting issue. It seems really unfair to disrupt their natural habitat and way of life! Terry was telling me how nice it was to have fed the deer with you there and it seems like such a shame to risk ruining that for anyone in the future and to diminish the livelihood of the wildlife. Good on you for speaking up!
22nd November 2013

Thunder Bay: The Cruel Sport of Deer Hunting
Thanks Jacqui. I agree with your supportive comment. I find it sick and disgusting that some people are motivated to kill innocent animals purely for the "rush." Then to falsely claim it's "to keep animal populations under control." Please. That argument is long dead, along with dodo bird and Tasmanian tiger. It is extremely sad because what are we leaving for our next generation? They will never get to know the beauty of wildlife. I just have no respect for any human who kills an animal for fun.

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