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November 19th 2012
Published: November 20th 2012
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photo of towerphoto of towerphoto of tower

We took the next photo from the top of this tower.
Hi, All --

Considering that Bob and I got married on this trip, it seemed appropriate that we spend a little time at Niagara Falls, that well known honeymoon place. I wonder if people still honeymoon there . . .

The Maid of the Mist vessels, and we could see four -- two on the Canadian side and two on the US side, have been transporting people under the falls since 1854. The first Maid started as a ferry service between the Canadian and American sides in 1846, but after the first Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge was built at the site, the Maid became a tourist attraction instead.

Not only did we spend time at the falls, we also visited the Niagara Botanical Gardens, although most of the flowers had faded away by the time we got there this past October. But the Butterfly Conservatory was in full swing -- as the next blog will show.

We also drove to the pretty little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake where they hold a Shaw Festival from April through September each year. And one day we spent some time watching a huge tanker come through one of the locks on the Welland Canal which goes between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The foot bath in the large Welcome Center at the Falls puzzled us at first. We thought it had something to do with people getting their feet wet while watching the Falls too closely. Then a woman who works at the Center explained to Bob that some public buildings in Ontario are required to provide these foot baths in the restrooms for those of the Muslim faith. And then she added, sounding a bit resentful, that these same buildings could no longer have Christmas decorations. We looked this situation up on the internet but couldn't find anything except that some US college campuses, particularly in the west, are now providing the foot baths. As the world turns.

I hope you like butterflies. That's the next blog.

Paula & Bob

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information about the fallsinformation about the falls
information about the falls

For those of you who like facts and numbers . . .
Canadian falls with a rainbowCanadian falls with a rainbow
Canadian falls with a rainbow

If the sun is right, one can catch lots of rainbows in the mist.
more Canadian fallsmore Canadian falls
more Canadian falls

Also called the Horseshoe Falls, as you might guess from this view.
US falls & Maids of the MistUS falls & Maids of the Mist
US falls & Maids of the Mist

You can see two Maids of the Mist boats which are docked on the US side. A couple more are kept on the Canadian side.
the whirlpoolthe whirlpool
the whirlpool

You would think, looking across the Niagara River, that you'd be looking at the US river bank. But you're not; you're looking at the Canadian side even as you're standing on Canadian soil on the other side. This is because of a strange bend in the river. But it's still hard to grasp.
more night lightsmore night lights
more night lights

The US side is not as brightly lit. But then, those falls are considerably smaller.
foot wash in womenfoot wash in women
foot wash in women

This foot wash in the women's bathroom, as well as one in the men's bathroom, are required in public places such as this welcoming center on the Canadian side of the falls. Perhaps these are only required in Ontario. They are used by Muslims who wash their feet before worship.

3rd December 2012

Niagara Falls - one of the most beautiful places on earth
Niagara Falls is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. And what is so special about this place is that every time I go back there it feels like I am there for the first time again. You never get bored there and you never can see enough. Would you like to read more about Niagara Falls follow this link ->

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