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January 22nd 2007
Published: January 22nd 2007
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As many of you know, I’m now pinned to the highly dry, sometimes fascinating but mostly boring law textbooks designed to reprogram my way of thinking until I begin to live, breathe and act like a lawyer. Due to this indoctrination process, I am forced to take what mini-adventures come my way. This blog will start off with a recap of the highly exciting Law Games in London, Ontario and digress into random thoughts on living in Calgary. Everyone loves pictures, and well, I permanently misplaced my camera in London. Therefore, you’re treated to pictures from the Heart Mountain hike just outside of Canmore (Okay, see next blog entry above).

London, Ontario. I don’t think I would go to this place for a random jaunt but it was a memorable city. I went as part of the University of Calgary Faculty of Law delegation which consisted of well, 9 members to Law Games 2007 at the beginning of January (an event designed to bring together the future leaders of tomorrow from all law universities across Canada competing in jovial competition, debate and social events). Of these nine members, 2 were male and of these nine members probably 6 did not play sports on a regular or annual basis. I’m not sure what we were thinking when we decided to sign up for soccer, volleyball, football and basketball. It seems that the other schools, especially in eastern Canada, take this far more seriously and some even have try-outs and team captains. Our misfit hungover team was clearly no match against the other schools despite forfeiting games and only playing those that commenced after 12noon.
Our moment of crowning glory perhaps occurred during dodgeball. We played against McGill, a team whose players clearly did not understand the fundamental rules of dodgeball, including the well known rule of if you throw the ball and the other team catches it, you’re out. Anger mounted, hate and passion flowed during this game with our sole intention to eliminate the cheaters, attack the annoying mouthy players and generally, break McGill of their cocky attitude. Well, it worked with the University of Ottawa and Dalhousie cheering us on. I suppose due to the rivalry between Ottawa and McGill, we were the lesser evil and therefore fully endorsed.

There is certainly a perception in the east (Ontario and Quebec) that all who come from Calgary, must be Cowboys. The eastern Canadian perception of “cowboy theme” night is to wear the glittering pointed shoes or pink leopard cowboy hats and badly mimic the two-step (which is more of a random shuffle when intoxicated).

As for London itself. Its an interesting city. Its clearly a university town as the majority of the inhabitants either are associated with the university in some fashion or attend there. The University of Western Ontario has a pretty campus and apparently is one of the oldest in campus dating back to 1878 located near the river Thames. Apparently some famous graduates include Alan Thicke, the now washed up actor but once famous for his role in Growing Pains and his current 15 minutes of fame as host of Celebrity Cooking Showdown. The houses surrounding campus are historical and quaint with many of them being of the brick and mortar variety. Apparently this is where the well-to-do and better off of London society choose to live (who wouldn’t with cute brick houses and rolling green lawns). The downtown core itself is a bit of an anomaly. The buildings look slightly derelict and decrepit and have that rundown feel surrounded by souvlaki and shwarma trailers and restaurants and the odd Starbucks. Moving further away from downtown, the houses and areas are not nearly as charming and are more run down.

Random parting thoughts on London, Ontario. What is with the Ontario Liquor Control Board which controls the sale of all liquor in the province? You would think there would be consistency in the hours of operation with an organization run by the government. Sadly not. Our 5:55pm Saturday liquor run proved to be difficult as the liquor store nearest to our hotel decidedly shut down at 6pm. In our quest to locate lemon gin we had to drive 15 minutes away to another OLCB store which was thankfully open for a longer period of time.


22nd January 2007

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What about the Gavel Throw and Juror Toss? You'd think your hefty Calgarian counterparts would perform well. But I think the 'Escape from custody: Bailiff weave and dodge' could have a weak showing.
11th December 2007

london isnt so bad.
you only stuck to a small section of our city which unfortunetly included the most run down section. you should come back again and this time enjoy the whole city not just the down town. also its the LCBO

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