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January 22nd 2007
Published: January 22nd 2007
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Now onto Calgary…
I remembered hearing the saying that this city is supposed to be the most Americanized city of Canada and its something I fully believe. The downtown core is a great place to wander around checking out the funky and strange art sculptures… commissioned by the companies in the oil and gas industry. I suppose like many other downtown cores, it is a mixture of different levels of society. Downtown Calgary is fairly white collared yet while walking down the street you will probably pass by a homeless person sleeping on a cardboard box or people pan-handling for change. Even the downtown c-train line is indicative of this. The first stop over the river is 8th St which is slightly sketchy and its known to have hosted a couple stabbings. The second and third stop 6th St and 2nd St respectively, are all right as they are in the center of the major business office buildings. Passing down onto Centre St and beyond it becomes downright sketchy as it has the feel of skid row.

Despite the urban sprawl and congestion, the city still has an outdoor feel to it. You can always figure out your orientation in the city by seeing which directions the mountains are because its always west. Canada Olympic Park with its ski jump, luge and snowboard options are pretty visible perched on the side of a hill in the Northwest area of the city. The people of Calgary have definitely embraced the mountain-look as many (including I) sport downfill jackets, gore-tex clothing and technical backpacks. Many use their technical outdoor clothing for the purpose it was designed for while others are of the faux-outdoor variety and revel in this look while walking their dogs.

Random things gleaned from school:
Saskatchewn/Prairie wine is beer + Mott’s Clamato juice. Its pretty classy…

Limit on taxi cabs in Calgary - only about 1200 licences available. Once sold for $175 apparently they now go for $50K. Good luck catching a taxi friday or saturday night. There may very well be a connection between limited numbers of taxis (and other factors including the trains not running until the bars close, and that most people live on the perimeter of the city and socialize in the downtown core) and the significant number of impaired driving charges..

Chinooks are fantastic! There is a countdown in Calgary as to how long freezing cold temperatures will last before it dries and warms up nicely. Whereas in Edmonton, well... keep out your long johns for a little while longer.

At one point in, in the province of Alberta, the plaintiff has a cause of action against the defendant for loss of a husband's consortium by reason of the harlot's enticement? (case law: Wener v. Davidson 1972 Alberta Court of Appeal). Ok, so in plain English you could have gone after the tramp that stole your husband away from you through the court

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Calgary artwork at nightCalgary artwork at night
Calgary artwork at night

I'm just going to say now... nighttime photography isn't my forte.
Stephen Ave downtown Stephen Ave downtown
Stephen Ave downtown

Pedestrian Shopping Avenue

22nd January 2007

I don't know if Calgary is quite there yet...not enough schoolyard shootings. However, the Oasis Trailer Park off 52nd St and 17th Ave SE sure screams 'American urban decay'.
24th May 2007

Like a Knife
Ouch. It's like a knife in the heart to hear that said about Calgary. What makes you draw this conclusion? Just curious.

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