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June 17th 2005
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The BIG TomatoThe BIG TomatoThe BIG Tomato

Sarah's quest is what will she do with her life???
The weather held up this afternoon as we took off on a little drive throughout Essex County, taking all the back county roads and looking at all the farmhouses along the way. The best part: Nick finally silenced Sarah's EXTREME skepticism by showing her that there is, indeed, a very large tomato

information centre

in the town of Leamington, which is also home to the Heinz tomato factory. Well it IS the tomato capital of Canada after all...Needless to say, the big tomato took Sarah's breath away and she absolutely HAD to get a picture in front of it (see pic).

We're heading back to Vancouver Sunday evening to prepare for the big Okanagan bash for July 1st weekend, and of course to start our absolutely final preps for the trip coming up in July. (Nick has taken up juggling and Sarah swallows fire....both READY and WAITING for the Peachland Party).

Talk to you soon


17th June 2005

18th June 2005

What next?
25th June 2005

Great to hear that life's been treating you like royalty since Fiji! Your fieldschool-born love warms my heart. Cheers to your great adventure!
29th June 2005

Tough to Beat
Well, after Leamington(sp?) how will you beat that?! Why would you want to travel outside of Canada when we have such cultural highlights right here in our own backyard?! Anyway, glad to see this travelblog. It will be great to keep up with you thru this. I'm sure the PU will be happy about it.
2nd July 2005

I can't wait to hear about the Peachland too-doo...I wish Ian, Mary and I could have been there!

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