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Cycling in Point Pelee National Park Point Pelee National Park (Centennial Trail) Location: Leamington, Ontario Surface: fine crushed limestone Distance: 10+ km Washrooms/Water: Yes Signage: Yes Free Internet: Yes at visitor centre Point Pelee National Park is Canada’s smallest national park and shaped like an upside-down triangle as the point juts out into Lake Erie. Entry fee is around $7.00 Once you enter the park entrance there are many places to park. The first one is at Sanctuary lookout. 70% of the park consists of marsh, dominated by cattails and ponds. About 1/5 of the land is forested and the Centennial trail is mostly under this forest canopy. From park entrance to tip is 10 km on the Centennial bike ... read more
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Leamington, Ontario, 18 juillet La journée d'hier en fut une de contrastes pour le moins marqués! J'entrai tout d'abord à Détroit au petit matin et malgré l'heure de pointe, la fluidité de la circulation laissait présager ce que j'allais voir par la suite... L'agglomération de Détroit compte environ 4,5 millions d'habitants, mais la ville centre environ 700 000, elle qui en comptait près de deux millions en 1950. Le déclin de la ville s'est poursuivi tout au long de la seconde moitié du 20e siècle et la faillite de la ville en 2013 marque peut-être la fin de cette longue agonie. Ce qui m'a d'abord frappé en parcourant le centre-ville, c'était le calme et le peu de gens dans les rues. En s'éloignant un peu plus au nord, on entre alors dans la zone dépeuplée de ... read more
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

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3rd July 2008 We left Guelph around 9am to go to the Ramada Inn in Leamington. This was a 3 hour drive from Guelph. The main reason was to visit Pelee Point, the secondary reason was to get us closer to Detroit from where we fly across America. Pelee Point National Park is the Southernmost point in Ontario and as we had visited the northern most point of Southern Ontario it seemed a good idea to compare the two. Pelee point is on the 42nd paralell the same as Portugal. The natural vegetation is Carolinian forest which is made up of broad leaf deciduous trees unlike the conifer forest of the north. The flora and fauna is different again. There are huge butterflies and colourful birds and lovely waterlilies on the swampy areas. The “tip” as ... read more
Great blue heron
N for Neal
P for Pelee

North America » Canada » Ontario » Leamington June 17th 2005

The weather held up this afternoon as we took off on a little drive throughout Essex County, taking all the back county roads and looking at all the farmhouses along the way. The best part: Nick finally silenced Sarah's EXTREME skepticism by showing her that there is, indeed, a very large tomato information centre in the town of Leamington, which is also home to the Heinz tomato factory. Well it IS the tomato capital of Canada after all...Needless to say, the big tomato took Sarah's breath away and she absolutely HAD to get a picture in front of it (see pic). We're heading back to Vancouver Sunday evening to prepare for the big Okanagan bash for July 1st weekend, and of course to start our absolutely final preps for the trip coming up in July. (Nick ... read more

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