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June 22nd 2007
Published: June 22nd 2007
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first things first ...first things first ...first things first ...

Euphorbia 'First Blush'
hahaha, and you're all over there freezing your buttocks off..... well, you'll be pleased to know that at work we welcomed the first official day of summer with a massive thunderstorm and a few hail showers. I got a thorough soaking, but the plants were unharmed - NOTE: a new Euphorbia called 'First Blush' is now in my possesion - yay! I got a special surprise yesterday too when one of the ladies at work brought me in some Tim Tams that her daughter in Oz had sent over to her - the new/old? Raspberry ones - very, very nice! But I still miss Vegemite the most, but am willing to bide my time until I'm back home near New Years. The plan has changed yet again, foregoing the safe shores of Venezuela and Colombia to come home via Panama after spending a few weeks blissing out on the San Blas Islands (Google it and die with envy hehehehe).
My horticultural tan is progressing nicely, with my arms, lower back (and strangely enough, behind my knees) finally peeling and giving me a nice mottled, diseased appearance.

What else has happened recently? Well, I spent my birthday weekend camping at
massive carp in Collins Baymassive carp in Collins Baymassive carp in Collins Bay

Collins Bay, Lake Ontario
Bon Echo Park with Clive and a bunch of his friends from all over Canada. There were mosquitos and skinny dipping and campfire brownies galore. I also checked out the petroglyphs above the lake and showed everyone how to make damper - they reciprocated by showing me how to make Smores (basically melted marshmallow wiped across a biscuit with melted chocolate - it was okay but very messy for a camping food where you have to walk in the dark to find water to wash up with). No one was attacked by bears or roaming wolf packs - the biggest things we saw were chipmunks and bugs (roughly the same size).

I also put in a few pics of the Trilliums - after the Red Maple, the quintessential Canadian plant. They all came into bloom in Spring so we schlepped out of town to Joyceville to take some photos. The sight of thousands of these plants was pretty amazing.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm still working six days a week at the nursery, and as long as they keep supplying me with Tim Tams (not to mention money), I'll be happy to keep going back! Potential
fir (?) conefir (?) conefir (?) cone

Collins Bay, outside Kingston
plans to head up to Ottawa next weekend for the Canada Day celebrations (basically everyone gets tanked and dressed up in red and white), and hopefully Montreal at some point in the near future.

Happy Birthday Paul!

Love to all - E

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Canadian traffic jamCanadian traffic jam
Canadian traffic jam

on the way to work, Kingston

Bon Echo Provincial Park
Cornus canadensis groundcoverCornus canadensis groundcover
Cornus canadensis groundcover

Bon Echo Provincial Park
on the rockson the rocks
on the rocks

Bon Echo Provincial Park
Downy WoodpeckerDowny Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park
faces in the cliffsfaces in the cliffs
faces in the cliffs

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park
awake before everyone elseawake before everyone else
awake before everyone else

Bon Echo Provincial Park
cold, cold watercold, cold water
cold, cold water

Bon Echo Provincial Park
damselfly or mayfly?damselfly or mayfly?
damselfly or mayfly?

Bon Echo Provincial Park
Aquilegia canadensisAquilegia canadensis
Aquilegia canadensis

near Joyceville, Ontario

near Joyceville, Ontario
Trilliums - not the usual colour!Trilliums - not the usual colour!
Trilliums - not the usual colour!

near Joyceville, Ontario
Trilliums - the standard whiteTrilliums - the standard white
Trilliums - the standard white

near Joyceville, Ontario
Trilliums - en masseTrilliums - en masse
Trilliums - en masse

near Joyceville, Ontario
Trilliums - en masseTrilliums - en masse
Trilliums - en masse

near Joyceville, Ontario

22nd June 2007

What?? No snow!!
Glad to see that at last Canada is giving you some warmer weather. We think of Canada as the great Outdoors and it certainly looks like it is. Carole x
23rd June 2007

Greetings from Quenbeyan
Just sent you an EMail, then decided to see if you had anything new on the blog. Great pics. Keep it up.

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