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January 9th 2007
Published: January 9th 2007
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I'll be away for a little while, off exploring the nation with my new travelling job. I head up to Ottawa this afternoon, get a plane out to Edmonton on Wednesday and return to Kingston in about a fortnight. After two or three days at home I'm off to Calgary to work for another week or so, then I'm back in Ottawa for two weeks, and then possibly/finally back home again! So if you email me and don't get a response right away, that'll be why.

Updates: not much. Have decided that trapping myself in a small yacht to cross the Pacific Ocean may not be my most brilliant move to date, so I will simply fly home or to NZ from the Caribbean later this year/early next year. But I will still get some sailing in, both here on Lake Ontario and also in the balmy blue waters off Central America.

Kingston continues on as it always does - the numerous prisons still exist, the local library is still chasing me for 25c in fines and my knitted scarf is still incomplete (hey, I'd finish it on one of my plane trips if I was allowed to take knitting needles on board...).

Any new news (I mean real, interesting stuff, unlike my news) from around the globe?
It's been a while since anyone I know has gotten engaged/married/pregnant/fired/pierced.

Email me at emilyjanemartin@hotmail.com and I might get back to you in the next few months hahahahahahahahahaha.

Travelblog is being a pain in the ass, and not letting me put photos up right now, so I guess you'll have to wait (don't worry, it's just lots of pictures of snow).

Ciao chicos!


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