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February 1st 2007
Published: February 1st 2007
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-28C with windchill is not a great way to start the day. Sure it looks pretty out there, but then you have to scrape six inches of snow off your car so you can see out the windows to drive, and to unglue the windscreen wipers that have frozen to the windshield. Once done, you scramble inside the car, only to wait for 10 minutes for the thing to heat up. The cold at this temperature is amazing - you almost feel too scared to breathe in case the cold gets into your lungs and they freeze up on you! When you breathe in through your nose you can feel the inside freeze up from the condensation of your breathing. A very weird sensation.

Still working my tail off flying around the country. This week is Calgary, Alberta. Next week is Ottawa, Ontario. After that, I'm not sure, but possibly over to British Columbia for another show. Can't wait for spring to come so I can get back to my plants once the nurseries re-open for the year. Travelling for work sounds glamourous, but it's really a bit of a drag - I fly out from Calgary on the midnight flight, arrive in Kingston at 9am, have one day off, then it's preparation for the Ottawa show starting Wednesday.

I'll be home on Monday and Tuesday if anyone wants to email and say hi. Photos are always good! Love to all.....


5th February 2007

A cool 10c here in the UK
We have been following your Canada news with interest and I must say I do not envy you. As someone who enjoys the current weather we are having - 10c in February - you will appreciate that talk of lungs freezing etc fills me with absolute horror and dread. Many thanks for your xmas card although only a month has past it feels like it was eons ago. Currently awaiting Glenda's arrival in the UK in early May. We have taken a cottage in Devon that week and are hoping Glenda and Reg will spend a couple of days with us. It will be good to see her again and meet Reg for the first time. By us meeting down there Glenda will be able to visit a few other members of the family at the same time. Anyway keep the news coming it is always a pleasure to read your journals. If you fancy another trip to Wales we would be very pleased to see you. Lots of Love - Carole x

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