The Subtle Differences.

Published: January 21st 2006
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Well Chad you were certainly teling the truth when you said that "your place needed a coat of paint but has lots of charecteur in spite of this".
The Canadian summer was a lovely affair what with the late dusks, high 20's, bbq's on chad's/"our" 12th floor balcony overlooking Lake Ontario and the city lights with a bottle of Alaxander Keiths (no v.b. or Carlton over here boys and girls) assuming the position.

Chad's unit is in a leafy suburb called Mississauga pronounced "miss-iss-sar-gwar",which is situated at least 15 mins away from where all of the gang related turf war shootings happen, which is nice ! Mississauga is located in between Toronto and Brampton, 25 mins by freeway to either.

Brampton has a population of 400,000 and is very similar to Wollongong in size and Toronto has a poulation of 3 million and is very similar to Sydney in size, so I suppose you could say that I live in the equivelant of the shire but without the hobbits.

There are however a few subtle differences tho, I may hasten to add such as "the drive on the other side of the road thing", which was quite mind expanding for a week or three.........I'd be allright if I had another car to follow, or to use as a reference point but siting at the front of
Inside the "House on the hill".Inside the "House on the hill".Inside the "House on the hill".

You gotta love my new 50's retro kitchen. Chad do you mind if I change the wall paper ?
a set of traffic lights, turning left into a twenty four lane intersection at three in the morning without a reference point in sight was a little hesitantly haphazard to say the least !

Is it me, am I just being old fashioned or is it unusual to have 58 gun murders in a city the size of Sydney in a year and apparently it was a quiet year, get that.

Oh and now I know from "gentle vocal encouragement for new canadian drivers" from my fellow road users, that you can allways turn right on a red light........ and if you don't excersize that right, on even the most dangerous truck infested 4 lane suburban highway in the pouring rain at night in peak hour within 5 seconds of it being your turn, then you risk being "capped", as we Canadians say.

Socially, I've been caught out a few times with, you know when your walking backwards towards the car whilst saying your goodbyes to someone and not really paying that much attension to minour details.....such as what side the steering wheel is ! (I'd have got away with it if it hadn't been for the look on my face as I realised my mistake).

Around about the end of September summer is followed by what the Canadians call Fall.
The decidious tree count far outweighs the evergreen one leading to in Ontario (which if you picture a map of North America, Ontario is right in the middle, half way up you've got the great lakes which are the border between America and Canada, Toronto is situated on Lake Ontario, which is in the province (state) of Ontario and it's the jewel in the Canadian crown as far as lush, green open spaces go, with terrain going from corn fields to the densly forested Algonquin provintual park. Which was where I spent most of my spare time camping and riding "our" expensive mountain bike through the scrub and trails looking at all the leaves change colours, they were absolutly stunning, compleate hill/mountain sides changing colours at different rates, every tree was a different shade ranging from yellows, golds, flame orange to burnt reds & every shade in between, well except for blue, of course but you get the picture....I think that I must be getting old and sentimental, no probably just old.....

The following picture are taken from my collection called "A true blue Ozzie's Canadian Autumnal experience", but a brief glimse of my femenine side, I hope that you like 'em....

Additional photos below
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Deserted cotage on Manatoulin Island. Deserted cotage on Manatoulin Island.
Deserted cotage on Manatoulin Island.

I found this place after taking a wrong turn and climbing a couple of fences (welcome to my life). Or though is it really classified as a wrong turn if you don't know where your meant to be going in the first place & anyway because you figure that it's a fairly small-ish island, that you at some point might recognise a given landmark, so therefore don't need a map of any kind whatsoever..... Due to geographical embaresment on my part....... We saw this place 4 times in 2 days. Lesson learned....When in a foreign country always remember the map.
Tree lined.Tree lined.
Tree lined.

All of the roads on the Island were like this and hardly a car passed us in 15 minutes.
The Teepee....Inside.The Teepee....Inside.
The Teepee....Inside.

Fair dinkum, these tents are like a Tardis inside.....

22nd January 2006

You could have at least done the house work!!
23rd January 2006

Im interested to know who you are referring to when you say "we", Mr Sims!!!!!
24th January 2006

hey slackarse, would'nt mind a phone call
26th January 2006

And when exactly, my little foreign brother, do you get around to the fire/rescue/paramedic/hero stuff.
29th March 2006

Alittle Drafty?
YO my lil pommy/oz/canadainan/....yeah about the house....i know i know, I have been slack on the the security system still pics are awesome....i love the fall

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