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June 20th 2019
Published: June 27th 2019
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“It’s $30 for a pack of smokes! How are we supposed to live with prices like that?” Lady at the store in Clyde River. The thirty dollar pack of cigarettes scenario was my introduction to this northern gem. I really loved the statement... An unexpected drive in a Jeep It was very strange to drive in a Jeep along a beach on Baffin Island. To the east lay sea-ice to the horizon, to the west ... Read Full Entry

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The Road to NowhereThe Road to Nowhere
The Road to Nowhere

That is actually the name of this road in Iqaluit, Nunavut

27th June 2019
Murals in Iqaluit

I love to travel with you vicariously through your blogs Dave 'cos I love remote. But cold, cold, cold may be better for you than me. But for the people of the tundra, life is what they make of it...where folks are communities that exist only 'cos other people are there.
29th June 2019
Murals in Iqaluit

The people of the north do make the communities! Many folks view the north as an empty, pristine wilderness - I see it as a place where folks live, hunt and work. I love the cold, i love the wild. This is home.
1st July 2019

Fremde Welt
You're bringing us into to a never known world. Beautifull pictures. Thanks for that.
5th July 2019

Fremde Welt
It is a lovely world. Not great for RVs here though. Climate, terrain and distance have thwarted any notion of road construction in these parts.
4th July 2019

A Northern Gem
Once again you are exploring the far reaches of Canada. I guess I'd never considered that you'd know Canadian Arctic languages but no I'm not surprised.
5th July 2019

A Northern gem
Qujinami (Thanks) for following along. I told one of the local guides at the lodge today in broken Inuktitut 'Piisuqaijaqtunga qaqqa ummingmaktallimat' and he understood. 'I am walk mountain because four musk ox'. My grammar isn't great but I'm working on it.

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