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July 14th 2018
Published: July 15th 2018
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It is amazing how an attitude adjustment comes with a good night’s sleep! Even though it was still light outside at 10:00 last night, we were in bed before night actually fell. LOVE the daylight so late in the day!

We were up and on a roll this morning and were pulling out of camp at 9:45, heading east on Trans Canada 1.The terrain for most of our drive today was VERY flat in all directions. It felt as if you could see tomorrow in front of you and yesterday in the rear view mirror. The vast fields were covered as far as the eye could see with various crops...including the ubiquitous canola! As an aside: I think it would be wonderful if there were a world wide enforceable law that all crops have to be labeled so that those of us who can only recognize corn (and now canola) with a glance are more informed travelers. Just Saying... The soil was very rich and black. We were told later today by a local that they have no rocks at all...only thick, rich soil. We offered to send the a spare ton or two from Wilson County, but no actual interest was shown.

We pulled into a KOA on the west side of Winnipeg, Manitoba at noon. Although we were disappointed at first, they had no camp sites available and we were forced to move on up the road. Our disappointment ended very well as it turned out when we pulled into Arrowhead RV Park on the southeast side of Winnipeg at 1:40. They had a very good site, and more importantly they had a young lady at the desk who was full of knowledge on how to tour Winnipeg. She gave us several maps and a wealth of information. Whew! She was good! We plan to stay here two nights so that we can do the area justice.

At 2:30 we headed into downtown Winnipeg, driving to The Forks. This is a fantastic area that has been developed near the historic downtown area. The Forks is Manitoba’s number 1 tourist destination. It has many attractions including a Children’s Museum, much international shopping, theaters, riverboat cruises, and lots of green space to be enjoyed in all seasons. It is a beautiful area. Right next to it is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. That is one architecturally beautiful building.

We didn’t get to the Museum until it was too late this afternoon to take a guided tour, and since we plan to go back to the area again tomorrow to spend most of the day, we just looked in the gift shop (VERY interesting!!). Our plan is to be back there by 10:00 in the morning and take the 10:30 guided tour which will be about 90 minutes. From there, we walked up to The Forks. While at the visitor information center at The Forks, we purchased tickets for a city tour tomorrow at 1:00.

It was getting late in the afternoon by then, and so we decided to walk back to where we had Muf parked and head back to camp, leaving town at 5:15.

On our way back, for the edification of you Tim Horton’s fans—and who know who you are—we stopped at one just in your honor. We COULD have bought fresh bagels for breakfast tomorrow...

Our font of good information guide at the office, Madison, had suggested a Thai restaurant close to the campground for our evening meal, so that is where we headed. It was a tiny restaurant in a strip center that didn’t look very “uptown” although it was a clean area. We were pleased when we went inside—it was VERY clean and decorated in a minimalistic way with plain white chairs and tables and it had wonderful, calming music playing the the background. AND the food was great!

After we ate we came back to camp succeeding in beating what looks to be a big storm coming this way. We saw the temperature reach at least 95 here today and it is forecast to be in the mid 70’s tomorrow, so SOMETHING has to happen to cause such a big drop in temps! By the way, a local told us that it is not at all unusual for the temperatures in the winter to get to 30-40 below ZERO here!!! Yikes!

By the way, the name of “The Forks” is in reference to the two big rivers that have their confluence in Winnipeg. The Assiniboine River comes from west, eventually ending up in the Province of Saskatchewan. The Red River runs into the States, ending up in the Mississippi River and thus to New Orleans! Amazing. These two rivers are are sort of like I-40 and I-75 in Tennessee. You can see how this would have made this area such an important hub back in the day.

I won’t post tonight since we would have to go up to the office to pay for WiFi for such a short time this evening. I will get situated on the WiFi tomorrow evening after we do our tours and get a “two-for” on the WiFi costs! I can do today’s and tomorrow’s for the same price! Yay me! I HATE paying extra for WiFi!!!

We drove 178 miles today.

PS—A sign I saw along the way today: “Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” How true that is!

PPS—John talked to several people about having the Jets be a little nicer to the Preds next season, but couldn’t find anyone who gave a Rat’s Patoot about that scenario. It seems that they are planning on bringing home the Stanley Cup for themselves next year. He is still trying...

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John with statue of Mahatma GhandiJohn with statue of Mahatma Ghandi
John with statue of Mahatma Ghandi

John wrote his term paper in high school on Mahatma Ghandi and has always been an admirer of self sacrifice.
Mike’s General StoreMike’s General Store
Mike’s General Store

This one is for you, Mike C! Took a quick shot or two from Mufasa as we drove by.
Say it isn’t so!!Say it isn’t so!!
Say it isn’t so!!

This is for Betty, Ed, Lora, and especially Susan!

15th July 2018
Say it isn’t so!!

Thank you Thank you for the Donut High on Sugar
Pat, loved all the little jokes about the Preds and that weather and this blog was so entertaining it has truly made the day. It was raining at church Jacob was there to welcome back the Mission trip team and introduce and make some announcements. I really think he is the most comfortable in church with his church family. Miss you both lots but glad you are having a wonderful trip. Forget all the soil but send some of that cool breeze down to us. We are getting rain tomorrow with a cold front going down to 88 degrees tomorrow that is not a cold front to me. The pictures were all great again.
15th July 2018

It Is A Sad Thing......
It’s so sad that I have tried lo these many years to teach you how to tell the difference between soybeans and sassafras and, apparently, to no avail! Oh well, the lessons will continue......
15th July 2018

Hi from Charleston
Kim really wanted to take a day trip to Charleston this weekend and with Caleb coming in Friday and leaving Saturday meant that our day trip was today. We are currently waiting on our food to be served for an early dinner so I read the blog. Looks like you are having nice weather. Mike’s store looked interesting. Are y’all going to go inside it?
15th July 2018

We are driving the RV and it would be too hard to park it there it is just a funky looking place.
15th July 2018

We're Here
Your trip continues to look like a lot of fun. Tom and I made it to South Fork at noon and the people that run the place were glad to see us. I am not doing a blog today, so I wanted you to know we were safe and sound. Love!
15th July 2018

Glad you made it safely. Now you need to work on getting next year set up like you want. We will leave here tomorrow heading east. Love you.
16th July 2018

Last photos
Those last two photos bring a tear to my eye. Ed said it gave him the quivers! I’m afraid to show it to Susan.....she will be demanding a road trip! Sorry it is so hot there....we feel your pain.
17th July 2018

I seem to only be able to comment on your blogs the day after I get them. I don't know why. The bakery picture looks good. A piece of cherry pie Ala mode jumped on our table at The Old Fire Station restaurant today (Monday). Tom told the server that Sheeba wanted a piece of it! It was made by the Mennonites in the Monte Vista area and it was yummy. Yes, even Sheeba got to taste it...after all she did order it!!
19th July 2018

regarding your PPS
John was TALKING to people???? Love the blog describing places I've never been....what a chock full trip it has been for you two!

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