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March 31st 2010
Published: April 1st 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Vote Fiona-Best Travel Job Ever!Vote Fiona-Best Travel Job Ever!Vote Fiona-Best Travel Job Ever!

Vote for Fiona in the Best Travel Job Ever contest and you could win $500!
The race is well and truly on. Best Travel Job Ever. Sounds like something up my alley eh? And now it’s time to fill you in...

A couple of weeks ago, I put together a video application and uploaded it onto the Best Travel Job Ever website. It was such a riot going to locations around Vancouver and finding different ways to show my travel passion and character in a 4 minute clip. And why go to all the effort? Well, here’s the deal:

-the judges will choose 6 semi-finalists from the top 25 voted applicants

-the 6 semi-finalist wil be sent by Air Canada and Flight Centre on an Intrepid tour in Southeast Asia, South America or Europe, WITH a video camera from Henry’s AND gear from Roots

-after filming video blogs over the summer, the judges will choose two grand prize winners based on the videos presented…and those chosen two will get another trip and some $!

So it’s certainly worth the effort of application and promoting the contest! Funny thing is, in putting the video together I have also found a new addiction! It was so much fun to document travel passion in a new way. So this contest has brought on such a surge of excitement that I feel inspired to really make things happen and show the world what travel can do for you!

Having said that, I still need YOUR help! Please go to the Best Travel Job Ever website, view my video and VOTE FOR ME! You can vote EVERY DAY until APRIL 30th. AND, as a voter YOU can win $500! I do have the most votes at the moment, but there are some great videos being added daily, and I need to show the judges that support for me in votes and comments, is because I really am the best person for the job. My video blogs will show unique cultures, crazy adventures, intriguing local people, natural beauty and wacky wildlife all through my own energetic personality.

So please please please (yes, I am begging!)


Best Travel Job Ever

Cheers me dears,



1st April 2010

Fiona would be the best for this...
Having followed her previous blog's of travel, you would be missing out not to have her on your team....
1st April 2010

Good luck.
1st April 2010

All the best Fiona
Bartek -Laos 2005 jungle trip ;)
1st April 2010

This kind lady shared her asspirations 3yrs ago with myself Always found time to talk to her followers who for what ever reasons couldn't see the places she saw but felt they were there through her blogs. She didn't teach me to spell unfortunately !.
1st April 2010

Since you have 3 votes
Since you have 3 votes per day and if you feel so inclined... you might as well vote on mine as well. Ps. Great job on the promotions Fiona!
2nd April 2010

Hi from Auckland
Hi Fiona - hope you win and get the opportunity to re-visit New Zealand
9th April 2010

Vote Fiona-Best Travel Job Ever!
You deserve this!
25th April 2010

Fiona Scott- Best Travel Job Ever
Fiona's travel writing is fun, real, exciting, and creative which makes you WANT to travel and discover whats out there. She is genuinely passionate about all aspects of travelling and has such infectious enthusiam which you can feel when reading about her adventures and the advice she offers to fellow travellers, what a breath of fresh air. Babe with a Backpack is an inspiration whos has inspired me, as I am going to Tibet doing a trek as a single travelle
27th April 2010

fantastic traveller
I have read many of Fiona's travel bloggs in the past and I feel like I am there travelling with her, She makes it so real and expresses it so well that I get very sad when I realise that I am just reading her adventures and not my own Good luck Fiona
4th May 2010

Fiona Scott is a traveller
Has always been a traveller, will always be - and should be the one to win... Good luck x

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