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February 25th 2010
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Today is the day!!! Janice gets to see her favorite athlete in person.. The stalker is on the alert....

Steve had an early flight, and we had to move to a new condo on Robson St. We were up and ready and waiting for Anita, our greeter, to get our luggage. We finally got all of our luggage out --there ia a lot of it--we were on our way. We went to The Bay to find the famous "Red Mittens"-to no avail. SOLD OUT!! We walked down Robson St. and did a little spending to help the Canadian economy.
The time has come--we made our way to the Pacific Coliseum to see APOLO!!! Our seats were in the 1st row in the upper level, and we could see everything. The women skated first in the 1000 m qualifying meet. They were pretty amazing--they go so fast , and they are sideways as they go around the corners. Crazy.
The men skated next for a qualifying for the 500 m. They skate in groups of four, and there were 8 heats. They go even faster than the women! Out came Apolo, and Janice almost hyperventilated. He is an amazing skater--he is patient and then just pours it on!!! He was behind the other skaters, biding his time--and then WHOOSH-- he was off and in the lead! The crowd went crazy!!!It was so great to see him skate like that. Janice was on cloud nine!!
The last event was the women's 3000 m relay. What a crazy race!! The four teams start-Korea, China, Canada, and USA- at the same time, but all the other skaters are on the rink at the same time waiting for their turn. It is mass confusion for spectators, but not the skaters. One is skating and pushes the next teammate to get her started. They continue taking turns and skating very fast around and around the rink until it is over. It is over in less than 4 minutes!!!
1st Korea
2nd China
3rd Canada
4th USA
BUT Korea was disqualified, so we got the Bronze medal!! Great fun to be there.
As we were leaving, we were right next to Shani Davis and JR Celski, long track and short track speed skaters! Very exciting!!

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25th February 2010

I hope you had your paper bag ready for the hyperventilation! This is absolutely amazing to read about your adventures. It will soon be over.....enjoy it. Just bring home a little $$$. Patrick is probably hungry!
25th February 2010

First of all, sorry about misspelling Apolo. I asked Zues for the correct spelling. Evidently the Gods spelll it differently. Second, if you want to buy the red mittens I have one pair that I am willing to sell you at a large profit. What can I say, I'm a crappy nephew. Lastly, I'm very happy that you guys are having such a great. Steve
25th February 2010

Reply to you
Love all the commentary and pics. Been watching all I can stay awake for but get great reporting onthe Today Show. Can't imagine how cool it must be to actually be in the rinks and slopes. Enjoy all the rest! Hope tp see you when you get home. Love to have lunchand hear all about it. Love cCathy M
25th February 2010

great pics
Janice-love the pic with the flag and I am so happy you were able to see your guy.
26th February 2010

Did we ever think that this would ever really finally happen??? Hooray! and then he gets another gold for Team USA! Guess maybe he is worth all the hype. And the hyperventilating! Congratulations go to Janice for this medal. He couldn't have done it without her! :)
26th February 2010

Apolo Apolo Apolo
Yup, I got the email with the 3 pictures "Janice's Dream"Good Work!!
26th February 2010

Wow. I can't believe you were next to JR Celski and Shani Davis. We were watching them! Hope you guys have a great time and stay warm! Alley Keresztesy

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