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April 19th 2012
Published: April 19th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

So been here for over a month. Still no job, still no house but i have my football and i'm meeting sooooo many people. Its frustrating but fun at the same time.

Anyways i really don't have much of anything new to report. I have still been job hunting but slacked off a bit last week. You get to a point where you just can't fill out another application or where you just can't answer more questions or where you just cant make people see past the fact that i have been a nanny for the last five years! Bunch of douche bags.

Charlotte (English friend) left me this week. Her parents gave her a load of money to go traveling around America and Mexico because her visa still isnt through yet and shes got nothing better to do... Jealous. And i miss her 😞 i still have Holly, although shes got a job now and is living in Kits and is pretty much 'seeing' sebb (Swedish chef mate). So i dont get to see her as much as i would like. I have started to make other friends outside the hostel now though. Footy mates. I go and watch my games at a cool little sports bar up the road from the hostel and always seem to find somebody to accompany me. Always boys haha. I dont know how i do it but always seem to have a bunch of guys to hang with haha

Had my footy again last night. 7 aside. We actually won which was nice! and i didn't make anyone cry this week. i cant remember if i wrote that in my last blog entry but at least i can tick it of my list haha. She was fine, just so everyone knows lol.

Playoff season here at the moment. Its insane. Everyone gets right into it, they all wear their Canucks shirts on game days. I am slowly learning how the game works and how the playoffs work etc. Vancouver Canucks were supposed to be the favourites but lost their first three games out of seven. They were bloody lucky last night that they won or that would have been them out. The streets go nuts, bars everywhere fill up and people either scream abuse at the tv or massive loud praise. Its like world cup final night on every game. nuts.

Anyways back to the job hunting for me again!


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