WHOOP WHOOP im loving this blog thing!

Published: March 26th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

OK so i have now decided that Starbucks is ok, handy cause its everywhere, BUT Blendz coffee is sooooo much better! Have discovered a dark chocolate mocha O.M.G. yup probably going to come home fat. So to update every1...

This week i looked at a flat but didnt end up getting it which im really not fazed about because i would rather have a job first. no point in finding a house if i can't pay for it haha. i also have applied to a million jobs. Travel and tourism ones, sales one, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes etc etc you name it really. Its quite fun actually. im starting to apply to everything and anything because i can haha why not? its like "OH! that looks like fun" apply!

Starting to get a bit of a social life with the new people i have been meeting at the hostel. Thurs night a small group of us played Trivia down in the Beaver (the bar at my hostel) few drinks, we cheated with our phones but the questions were hard!! haha had no idea about some at all. so that was a late night then friday we had a quiet one because saturday night! was fun. Was a little worse for wear Sunday but thats ok. We started by drinking at the hostel and playing some pool, then drinking down stairs in the bar then gping out into Gastown which is supposed to be the place to go. Walked for freaking ever to get there in my heels SO SORE!But it was a really good night.

Sunday i had my 1st football game with my new spring team. it was the last game in the winter season and they needed a fill in so i was in. first full 11aside game i have played since our season ended. We had a draw, and yes, i do believe it was me who scored our only goal. They all buzzed out a bit at my speed and then the game plan at half time became 'get the ball to fran' so of course after that i couldnt get the ball in the goal could i. It was played on turf which freaking hurts to fall over on! i have very grazed arms and knees haha and my body is so sore! but thats ok it was fun and i can't wait for more AND it has open more footy doors! a few of the girls have askd me to play other games now and fuill in and even asked me to go away on a soccer weekend where you play all day in a tournament, drink alot that night then play all sunday in a tournament. Im in!

When i talk about the people i hang out with here, i mean Holly and Charlotte, both english girls and the seb and sam the chefs and then we seem to just meet person after person and there are so many different stories and travelers. Like one of the Irish guys we have met and played alot of pool with doesnt get his visa for a couple weeks so has joined a couple of escort agencies. i had a full on conversation with him about this, i was totally stunned haha. theres another irish guy at the hostel who has been living there since Novenber last year. and lots of people come through for a couple days to get away from other parts of Canada to get a break.

i feel like i have been here for ages but i guess it is just that soooooo many things have happened in such a small amount of time!


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