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As you are all no doubt well aware Canada is a whopping great country and one I had not been to other than flying over it, given it is on the flight path from London to California. I've seen thawing ice sheets in Hudson Bay cracked in hypnotic patterns and many thousands of miles of frozen tundra, without seeing any sign of human influence for hours of flying. This July however I got the chance to take closer look at the country for the first time, as Maria Chiara and I were invited to a wedding... in Saskatoon!!! Never heard of Saskatoon? We’ll get to that in due course... Given that the wedding would be in a fairly small and (don't shoot me Saskatoonians!) obscure town in the Great Plains, we were keen to extend our ... read more
A-Maze-ing Laughter
Beach 3
Gastown and Pacific sky

We were off the plane pretty quickly and a long walk through the terminal building to get to customs area. The airport looked to be pretty quiet at this time of the morning. Once we got to customs it was so well organised. I was waiting to be asked to fill in those dreaded declaration forms where you have to write down all the stuff from your passports, but not here it’s all gone digital (how good is that !). We were at the luggage carousel and our bags were out really quickly and we were set to go. We had a room booked for the Holiday Inn Express near the airport at Bridgeport. We chose this as they had lots of rooms and a fair chance we could check in early to get a little ... read more
Kerry & Elise enjoying Day 1
Getting ready for the 1 hour ride through Stanley Park
Stunning flowers in Stanley Park

We are lucky to live in Australia, but why does it have to be so far from the rest of the world??? Our direct flight from Sydney to Vancouver (14 1/2 hrs) was 1 1/2 hrs late taking off because of the rain in Sydney, long queue of planes in front of us, so late into Vancouver. Not too cold, and a little bit sunny when we arrived, could see a little snow still on the mountains surrounding the city. Vancouver, the harbour city, has lots and lots of trees (on the streets and on the roofs of buildings, yep, lots of roof top gardens). Most of the high rise buildings that we have seen, seem to be apartments or hotels, rather than office blocks, quite different to other cities - maybe the office buildings are ... read more
Roses in Stanley Park
Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park
Totem pole

Sunrise departure in perfect weather and fair winds – “things are really going north.” It feels like our first day of passage-making where we really cover some ground, or in our case, Puget Sound water. Easily cruising up the back side of Vashon Island, we cross the major shipping lanes while passing Seattle in calm seas. Light winds allow for our jib to pull us an extra knot the whole length of Whidbey Island. Sailing by Penn Cove, we wonder if Peter & Linda Keyes are lucky enough to be in their summer residence on Coupeville yet, so we just mock wave and promise to stop on our return. In no time, we are in the Swinomish Channel but find we have to stop to partake of a favorite ice cream shop in La Conner and ... read more
Ice cream stop on Swinomish Channel at La Conner
Vancouver skyline
Talking about IPDP

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park November 2nd 2017

Vancouver is a beautiful city................even if you aren't a big city fan ! The skyscrapers really do have you craning your neck out of the car window, in order to see them full length. Many of them are glittering turquoise or blue glass........stunning in the sunshine. I think my favourite time to visit is Autumn, for sure. There's enough beauty to take your breath away, especially on the island of Stanley Park, a green haven in the concrete/glass jungle. To walk or jog around the sea wall is rather a leisurely experience, as there's too much to see & enjoy, to make it a speedy trip ! The horse-drawn carriages are great for people who want to see the whole park, but don't quite have the energy to 'hoof it' themselves :) I particularly like seeing ... read more
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Nikon 015
Nikon 016

As I am such a small baby, I don't really know where I have been or where I am going. I know I have come off a thing called a yacht and I know it bounced around on the sea, but apparently I slept. Lucky me. When we got to somewhere called Toronto in a country called Canada, it was very late and the place where planes go called an airport, was nearly empty except for us.. This is where we said goodby to mamie. I am not quite sure who she is but she is with me a lot and sometimes looks after me. She must have something to do with mummy and daddy. Mummy and daddy thought she was quite funny because she kept having something called accident( s). First she went into a ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park November 27th 2016

Arrivés à Vancouver, on recherche un endroit pour dormir une dernière fois dans la voiture sur les hauteurs de la ville, dans le secteur de Grouse Mountain. Sur le chemin, nous décidons de faire étape À Capilano Bridge, un parc de passerelles suspendues. C'est leur première soirée d'ouverture nocturne, à l'occasion de Noël. Il y a beaucoup de monde qui profite de la beauté des lumières et des cascades illuminées en pleine forêt. Le lendemain nous faisons la connaissance de Ioana et Montana qui vont nous héberger pendant notre séjour. L'après midi nous découvrons le centre de la ville et le Stanley Park avec ses totems grandioses. Le lendemain nous visitons l'aquarium de Vancouver, Tamara, la collocataire de Ioana et Montana, y travaille et nous a conseillé de le visiter, ils ont un dauphin baleine que ... read more
Stanley Park
Stanley Park
Passerelles suspendues

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park August 17th 2016

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Day 15: Vancouver, British Columbia – Learning to ride a bike again! Today marked the end of our Alaskan cruise. Since our flight was not till the late evening, we still had a full day to explore Vancouver. Renata and I decided to check out Stanley Park. Stanley Park, is an enormous park in the middle of downtown Vancouver. Since it is a large park, we decided to rent some bikes to travel around the seawall. We had not ridden bicycles in years, so it took a while to get accustomed to riding them. The Vancouver seawall, is the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. Along the way we passed a bunch of totem poles, Brockton Point lighthouse, the ‘girl in a wetsuit’ sculpture, the Lions Gate Bridge, and Siwash Rock. The whole ... read more
Stanley Park
Stanley Park
Stanley Park

Vancouver 16-19 July 2016 On leaving Victoria, Vancouver Island, we caught a bus from our hotel which drove to Swartz Bay ferry terminal where the bus drove straight onto the ferry. We sailed for 1.5 hrs to Tsawwassen ferry terminal to downtown Vancouver. This whole journey cost $84 – great value, particularly due to the convenience. We walked 3 blocks to our Holiday Inn & Suites, checked into our very comfortable rooms. We had arranged with a great friend of mine Annie Grant who worked with me in Darwin at the Heart Foundation. We hadn’t seen each other for over 28 years but had kept in touch each Christmas. She went to Canada for a holiday and never came back….after marrying Steve, a Canadian. Hey had 2 children. After walking 10 minutes down Granville Street, we ... read more
Flying into Vancouver 7.30am on 13 July 2016 (1)
Annie & Pam (2)
China Town Vancouver - Dr SunYat-Sen Gardens (5)

Enjoying post breakfast sit down in 26th floor hotel suite. No eagles but getting their kind of view. Yesterday was uneventful. A longer trip than we had anticipated , not helped by ferry delay. Eventually arrived in Vancouver and had a quiet night in watching Jaws 3. Total rubbish. Tonight the train across the Rockies. No doubt we will see a few more trees. Still no bears but you never know.... read more

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