Almost there

Published: July 5th 2008
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So we have all we will be packing on our backs laying out in the livingroom... It seems like a lot of stuff. Packing for a year is a daunting task. But I think we have done it! We had a great tip from a family friend. You know how people say to have an extra copy of your identification... Our friend said to scan it in at home and e-mail it to yourself. That way if you lose the copy you made you can always print another if you need it. I just thought that was a good idea that I would share.


7th July 2008

i definatly can't wait to see pics! so exciting!...and i think u guys should take a pic of every bar/pub/club u go to...just because!
8th July 2008

my mum is such a smart woman!!

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