Almost at the two month mark!!!

Published: May 11th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I just read back over my blog entries. its amazing how over time you see my enthusiasm start to fade. I also see how much i write "haha". I know im generally a pretty happy person but haha this and haha that, totes redik! lol

Anyway, i am currently in Penticton at my uncles. The job i got was good, i really enjoyed it but it was more 'on-call' work so if it rained then i didnt get to work. And Van rains all the bloody time!!! so i wasn't getting enough work which meant no money which meant couldn't pay rent which meant had to retreat to my uncles in Penticton.

I know that i could make it work in Van if i wanted too but it would have been to the point where i would have got a job that pays $10 an hour and got 30 to 40 hours a week which in Van would have barely survived me to live. I would not have made enough money to save to travel on my days off and really experience Canada which is what i came here to do. So, i have to move on from Vancouver. I have met amazing people there, which i think was half the problem, and i have had a good time but you can't survive there on fun lol.

But thats ok, i don't regret anything i have done, i accept i should have done things differently but i have learnt and grown and am excited for the ideas and plans it has made me open up to.

So anyway during that week.... ummmmmm when i thought i had a job... i did my usuals, 7aside footy, hung with Holly and her flat mates, played indoor football at the Yaletown Roundhouse (where i met Billy, canadian guy who thought i was all good cause i beat up the boys on the court haha) and then that Friday night, my wed night team were heading out to the commodore ballroom, a concert venue and club, to watch Duncans twin brother play in his band. Duncan is on my teama and one of the funniest people i have ever met. sooooo funny! He spends the whole time on the field yelling really positive encouragement which sounds great but its like over the top chirpy but coming from him is just funny rather than annoying. He also, when you do something good, high fives you but swings his hand round to slap your ass as well. i got such a fright the first time he did it. He also comes out with the rudest, funniest comments. Hes total gold. Anyway we all met at this club and had a few drinks although me and sharon had had more than a few before we met the boys so were quite boozed and sharon saw duncans brother and she became obsessed with him. It was soooo funny and cute haha. ok so now im just rambling but all in all a good night.

The Sat night, Sharons mans rugby club had their final so i went with shaz and a couple of their kiwi friends to watch and we all ended up at the club aftwards drinking and yes Stuart had me doing a suicide again. Horrid horrid drink! Ended up in town with all these rugby guys from Aussie all buying drinks haha. it was fun but i had to leave around midnight because the guys just keep buying you drinks and wont take no for an answer so i had to get out before i ended up on the floor.

Jeepers all i have are drinking stories! lol

That week was my first girls 11aside spring game but i didn't get to play because i was meant to work and then i didn't work because it rained but in the end i didnt see much point in going as we have 26 girls on the team. TWENTY SIX! they apparently got like half hour of game time each. What is the point in that!? another reason i am not so fazed on leaving Van.

Oh! i went on a 10pm bike ride that week too lol with Steven, who is Hollys flatmates twin brother and who was stoned and wanted to go for a ride so i said sure, thinking he wanted to go for a nice slow short one. The dude went for gold all the way around the Van sea wall and he went fast! i struggled to keep up! it was about 16 k or something too. i am never going on a late night bike ride with a baked Steven again haha. Oh oh, the 'haha's' are coming out again!

Anyway i am going to have to continue this entry tomorrow cause theres so much to write but i'm going to give putting photos up a go too!

love to all


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