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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton August 22nd 2019

We woke to a beautiful bright sunny day. We had 96kms to Penticton. We had made what we're sure was a wise decision to not follow the rail trail and instead take the road that runs parallel to it. We'll take the ups and downs of the road over that brutal trail any day. The day started well. There was some early climbing, more so than we expected but all good. The bright sunshine faded fast as the morning wore on. And then we had light drizzle, nothing to be worried about we didn't even put on our jackets. We had made reasonably good time on the bitumen and were feeling good about the day. We came into Bankeir and as we rode past the fire station we were offered water by Fireman Rob which was ... read more
Fireman Rob
Sheltering from the rain
On the slush

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton June 3rd 2012

Ce matin, on s’est réveillé Daniel arriva avec un café pour bob. Ensuite, Daniel et Jack nous ont aidé à installer le paravent, parce qu’on ne s’avait pas comment faire. On a dit nos au revoir pour de vrai et on est parti. On a conduit autour du village de Naramata et il y avait un paon qui se promenait dans la rue. Nous sommes allés manger des crêpes à Osoyos que Liam Antoine avait cuisiné, il y avait une vue sur le désert. Nous sommes arrivés à Nelson, on s’est installé dans un terrain de camping. Plus tard, nous sommes allés en bicyclette dans la ville, on a cherché pour un restaurant. Nous avons été dans un restaurant thaï. Jo... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton June 2nd 2012

I wasn’t planning on going for a dip in Lake Okanogan today. The family was actually planning on going for a morning bike ride and then heading out for Asoyoos. But there I was, late in the afternoon, up to my shoulders in the lake water which I must say is quite chilly this time of year. At least the Ogopogo lake serpent didn’t get me so that was a good thing. We had said our good byes to Dan and Sheanne after a morning latte (while Victoria Anne and Liam Antoine astounded our hosts by taking an early morning dip in the lake), and with great directions In hand for the day we made our way out for a bike ride along the old Kettle Valley Railroad line whose tracks had been torn up, followed ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton May 11th 2012

It looks like all i have done in Van is drink. I have done other stuff! like, um, ah, oh! Had my girls football club dinner! That was fun but ok i lie, it ended up being a drunken night again. The Van night life really isnt that great though. It is nothing compared to Auckland night life thats for sure. Most of the time you dont even dress up. I love love LOVE that i can go to 'clubs' in my chucks! Makes dancing so much easier! Anyway Sharon and i went with Gabi and bryce, who are together and both Kiwi's, and also Sydney an Asian Kiwi. I'm so amazed at how many Asian Kiwi's live here lol. We broke out the Power Shandy (which i am bringing home and insisting EVERYBODY drinks!) and ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton May 10th 2012

I just read back over my blog entries. its amazing how over time you see my enthusiasm start to fade. I also see how much i write "haha". I know im generally a pretty happy person but haha this and haha that, totes redik! lol Anyway, i am currently in Penticton at my uncles. The job i got was good, i really enjoyed it but it was more 'on-call' work so if it rained then i didnt get to work. And Van rains all the bloody time!!! so i wasn't getting enough work which meant no money which meant couldn't pay rent which meant had to retreat to my uncles in Penticton. I know that i could make it work in Van if i wanted too but it would have been to the point where i ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton March 6th 2012

We have booked our trip! Come on May 1, 2012!!!! - only 56 more days till our adventure! xoxo R&L... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton July 22nd 2011

Today is our first entry in this blog. We are still learning. But today is my last day at work. Tomorrow we leave for our 5 week trip. We will try to enter each nite and Gerry will be drawing along the way. Hope you all enjoy our blog. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton May 20th 2011

Coalmont welcomes you and will be delighted to serve you provided you are lucky enough to find us open I didn't. The Kettle Valley Railway is an extinct line that at one time connected communities in the Southern interior of British Columbia between the towns of Hope and Midway, the halfway point across the province towards Alberta. The railway opened on May 31, 1915 and were intended to not only ship the rich minerals being unearthed from mountain mines, but as well strengthen Canada's sovereignty in an area threatened by aggressive American expansion. The rails were abandoned many years ago - though some portions operated until 1989 - and have been recently redeveloped in a pilot project focused on low-cost, environmentally-friendly tourism - presumably geared towards newly-retired-but-physically-active baby boomers. The BC government hatched a plan to ... read more
Onward to the Coquihalla Pass!
The Jessica Trail
Coquihalla Pass!

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