Sun is Shinin' ... at 10pm!!

Published: June 17th 2009
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Midnight in northern BCMidnight in northern BCMidnight in northern BC

You could read a book in this light!
Well, the town I'm currently in - Fort St John in Northern BC, isn't even currently listed on Travelblog, which probably sums up a lot right there. Instantly reminding me of something of a cross between Manjimup and Karratha (in West Oz) I'm not quite as distressed as I would otherwise be that I'm holed up in a hotel room with the flu *oink oink* (hahaha! just joking!... or AM i? 😉 Getting here was probably the most interesting part. We left Milwaukee at 6am and arrived here at midnight... and the sun shone the entire time! I drove on the wrong (right) side of the road for the first time, ate Poutine at some crappy rural Alberta diner and arrived in a complete daze at some obscure oil and gas outpost on the Alaska Hwy. Thankfully we've had a few days to relax and get rid of various pathogens, and it's so much more chilled out than the US!! Heading to Vancouver tomorrow though, so working my way up to the 13 hour winding drive through the mountains. Will post some photos to keep you all happy. Love, C.

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Canadian CustomsCanadian Customs
Canadian Customs

Making the most of my quarantined fruit n vegetables.
Afternoon DelightAfternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight

Waiting for the sun to go down... which it evidently doesn't...

Dumpster Love! Ohhhhh CaaanaDaaaa!! :)
The GigThe Gig
The Gig

M.J. warming up for the Fort St John gig

Just another one of my repeating number episodes... I was more amazed at how light it still was!

Me looking proud in Milwaukee
Drag QueensDrag Queens
Drag Queens

Pridefest has got to be one of the best places for people-watching in the world!

17th June 2009

what do you mean the US isnt chilled out? huh? we are SO chill! ;) (im kidding of course!) Cant wait to make my way back to OZ where everything is right!
22nd June 2009

lots a drivin'
Wow you're certainly makin some miles in this first while. I hope Vancouver is welcoming you. We've had rain rain rain over the past few days and starting to hang out for school holidays so we can head north for a spell. Take care drivin on the wrong side of the road ( especially when turning corners) , love dad.
24th June 2009

Oh Canada!!
Well, if you want good potine, you'll have to go east.. Alberta is only good for beef, and its pretty shit too!! Just wait til you hit up Super Natural British Columbia!!

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