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October 11th 2009
Published: October 17th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

We celebrated our first Canadian holiday this weekend, by giving thanks...for good food and good company! None of the locals can give me a reason for why the holiday is celebrated a month before the American Thanksgiving, and many of the locals thought it was a worldwide tradition! Clearly there are many misunderstandings about the holiday...

So, looking up trusty Wikipedia, this is the reason we are supposed to give thanks this weekend.... "Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day (Canadian French: Jour de lAction de grĂ¢ce), occurring on the second Monday in October, is an annual Canadian holiday to give thanks at the close of the harvest season. Although the original act of Parliament references God and the holiday is celebrated in churches, the holiday is also celebrated in a secular manner."

We had Chloe and Lachlan over for a delicious feast and lots of wine and champagne and gin. To celebrate the occasion we watched Pieces of April (just so they would savour my turkey even more) and Shortbus just cos its an awesome film.

On the menu:
Entree: French Onion Soup with Parmesan Cheese Croutons
Mains: Rosemary and Thyme Turkey Stuffed with Fruits and Nuts; Cranberry and Orange Relish; Home-made Turkey Gravy; Garlic Mashed Potato; Baby Carrots Glazed with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar; Snow Peas with Mint and Pine Nuts.
Dessert: Home-made Cinnamon Apple Pie with Warm Brandy Custard

God, we ate so much.

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17th October 2009

It was sexual, truly.
17th October 2009

Hello! Happy Belated "First" Canadian Thanksgiving!! It looks like you guys had a feast! My boyfriend and I have been living in the lower mainland since returning to Canada in October 2007. We live so close to you guys (Surrey)! Cheers! :D
18th October 2009

you should have tried turducken!!! google it..... it sounds epic. we will try it when you get home. xxx
15th February 2010

So envious
Wow I am so envious. I suddenly have an urge to travel with my boyfriend now. Well I don't have any vacation left....

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