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January 25th 2010
Published: January 30th 2010
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High above the Texas plainsHigh above the Texas plainsHigh above the Texas plains

no prizes for guessing who I was flying with
Flying in was quite a treat as there were clear skies and the city lights were very pretty, and as we swung out over the water the landing lights were very clear (and nothing like the ones in Die Hard). We stopped for food on the way back from the airport and it was the first time I have been able to safely have a salad (no guaranteed clean water in south america).
Next day was downloading my photos; seemed to take forever, even with 6 gb missing! Next day I tried to get my chinese visa, only to be told that I had to be a canadian resident. Oh ******, that scuppers things! Sorry for the wasted trip Dad! Next couple of days were pretty quiet, apart from uploading the photos to a portable hard drive, but no editing just yet (sorry).
Leaving was fun.. I was flying to the states, so after check in I had to drop my own bags - once for the backpack, and once for the snowboard - that's 2 boarding card checks, then another one on my way to security, then after that you have to clear US immigration, at which point I was called in for a random bag x-ray (boarding card was checked twice) and once again on the far side and then I was free to go. Phew, only took 30 minutes and I didn't have anyone in front of me! You have to wonder if canadians are seen as high risk? Still, flight was easy enough, at least - 2.5 hours to LA.


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