Published: July 4th 2011
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Today Dwain got to sit in the passenger seat and let Lorraine do all the driving. Dwain’s job was to navigate, read the signs and yell “STOP” when he saw something worthy of a picture. Problem is, what Dwain thinks is worthy of a picture and what Lorraine thinks is worthy are two very different things. At least we agreed Mt. Robson was worthy and there must be twenty pictures of that highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (3900 meters). Problem was you could not see the mountain because a thick layer of cloud covered the summit all the time we were there. Anyway, Lorraine got a new jacket and Dwain got a couple of mosquito bites. Leaving Mt. Robson took us by Moose Lake, where we saw NO moose, then into Jasper National Park. This is where all the world’s tourists were today. We didn’t stay long. Traveling on East we did get some pictures of some pretty ragged looking mountain sheep (because they were shedding their winter coats) and a pretty impressive specimen of a bull elk with a fresh, fuzzy and huge rack of new antler. Of course, all traffic stopped and Dwain snapped the shutter while Lorraine inched our rig forward. Then we drove free of the mountains and are settled in for the night at Hinton, AB.

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8th July 2011
2011-07-02 Wild Lupins at Mt. Robson visitor's centre

it's beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I am enjoying your travel blog, thank you.
10th July 2011
2011-07-02 Elk enjoying the grass

love it!
cool elk! looks like you guys are having a grand time! mostly cloudy down here! randy

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