Published: April 15th 2008
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And so we continue!

May I just say that my calling the Tyrell Museum a dinosaur Museum did not do it justice. My lord! This Museum is the best museum I've ever been in. oh ya, and it's proper name is The Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology (in Drumheller). Wow! we were blown away. Every year they find new fossils around the badlands and in the Rocky Shales. And every 1-2 years there is a new missing link it seems. So those of you who have bought paleontology books, there are new theories being made to make some books obsolete.
It seems that there was a runaway dinosaur or two in the town. So we ventured off in the evening to capture this rare event. See photos.

Now our story takes us to Elk Island National Park just east of Edmonton. Here we camped for free (winter camping area--i.e. toilets and grass for the diehards) as the camping season hasn't begun yet. We have seen many a "hayburger" or Bison poop. Gracefully scattered everywhere as we walked along the hiking trails were these lovely (size of my head) black piles of digested grass that came out of the end of these prehistoric creatures. We were blessed with seeing some close up. The signs all say, do not approach the Bison. So we stayed clear like the SMART tourists we are. As we woke this morning, we heard coyotes in the distance, and many geese (just to remind us we are still in Canada). We saw a moose on the trail today as well. Believe it or not, I got heat exhaustion yesterday. The temp was quite hot in the park (I think it was close to 30 c--very unexpected!) and we did a 10km hike. The sunburn kept me warm at night, however.

We are now at the west side of Edmonton in an RV Park (laundry and showers--great after 4 days without!)..and they have wireless internet!

Signing off for now, without bugs (apart from the ticks we picked up in the grasslands--don't worry we do tick-checks daily for attached hitchhikers).....

The roving vagabonds,
Dave and Theresa


18th April 2008

Ross Geller wannabe's!
Hey guys! great to see you are having such a great time and see that there is a little Ross Geller in you Paleontology types. So... been wondering where you guys were and why you had not posted on the blog until I found the "next entry" button at the bottom... yeah... that helped! keep warm... the girls say "hi" M

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