Our Down Under Adventure Begins!

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August 29th 2014
Published: August 29th 2014
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Planning & Playing - Can you spot who is who?Planning & Playing - Can you spot who is who?Planning & Playing - Can you spot who is who?

"So, we're going for 6 weeks. I've booked the flights, the room, the cars, and read all the books. And, you're reading Make Magazines."
Tomorrow we lift off!! Ten months ago David and I started planning a trip to the other side of the world! It feels a bit like a ball of string … at first it unwinds slowly … but near the end, it unravels quickly!

This will be a very special trip not only because we will be going to see some incredible places, but also because we’ll be visiting some very special people.

What will we do for six weeks? I know David will take some fabulous photos. And I hope to answer a few questions I’ve had since childhood like, “When we’re on the bottom of the world, will our feet stick, or will we fall off?” (I have some other questions, but I thought I’d start with the easy ones first.)

I hope you will travel with us.

Dedication: This trip is dedicated to George Cecil Gray, Helen Margaret Gray (David's mother), and Jean Elizabeth Gray -- three siblings who left their home country of Scotland, and travelled to new homelands decades ago. George went to Australia while his two sisters went to Canada. George passed away in 2008 and was followed by Jean in November 2013. Helen, at 90 years of age, is still with us. There was correspondence over the years and Jean visited Australia once. The cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, grew up worlds away as strangers. This is a common story -- the story of immigration. With the exception of their aboriginal people, Canada and Australia, formed in much the same way. People left their countries, and families were torn apart and splintered. It is our hope that this trip will, in some small way, help to stregthen these ties .


29th August 2014

What can I say
I wish you both the very best of the very best with lots of fun and excitement and new discoveries, and relaxation and beauty. I will be watching and looking and listening. Have a marvellous time!!
30th August 2014

Thanks Natalie!
We appreciate your wonderful thoughts and wishes. Stay tuned, I'll be writing more (after the jet lag passes!)
29th August 2014

Trip of a lifetime
As mentioned last Tuesday after our scotch tasting, it is a trip I would love to take. But I will through the pictures and Michelle's writing.
30th August 2014

Happy to have you aboard Allan!
David sure had a great time with you guys at the last "event"!
30th August 2014

Enjoy your Aussie adventure.
I love Australia and I know you will too. I'm glad you are going for long enough to enjoy it and it not to be a whirlwind. Looking forward to following your adventure on this blog. Safe travels.
30th August 2014

Life is an Adventure!
Hi Katie -- yes, we are going for a good long time, but not all of it will be in Aussie. We're there for three weeks and then we're off to New Zealand for three more. It's more than I ever dreamed, but I'm sure I'll wish we could do more.
3rd September 2014

Fantastic Journey
Hi Michele. The intro to your blog is fantastic....but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from a fellow historian. My husband and I also spent 6 weeks "down under" back in 1996. It was a gift the year after I graduated from UofC with my history degree. There are lots of adventures in that country. Enjoy as many as you can, my friend.
12th September 2014

Taking Your Advice
Hi Pam. Thanks for the advice -- we are finding so many things to see & do -- barely have time to sleep! I've been watching you and your lovely little granddaughter on FB -- enjoy!

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