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February 16th 2009
Published: June 30th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Most bizarre and sad tourist attraction: Gas crater in Turkmenistan
Things we miss from home: Being clean (wearing only our socks!!) and being able to read
Most girls that can ride on bicycle: 16 (everything is possible in China)
Most family members on a motorbike: 5 (Iran)
Will we do Dragoman again? Probably not..., maybe in South America where there are camp grounds!
Most beautiful home gardens: Kyrgyzstan
Most picknickers: Iran
Longest desert crossing: China (4 nights camping) Although, the 2 weeks in Iran was more or less crossing a big desert...
Food we don't want to eat again: kabobs (unless of course it's Alberta Beef with Bulls Eye sauce!)
Church that looks like a mosque: Armenian Church, Esphahan, Iran
Best food so far: China
Best country to buy gifs: Uzbekistan and Iran
Kindest people: Iran
Most curious people: China
Best camping and hiking: Kyzgyzstan
Most beautiful and cheap carpets: Turkmenistan (with Iran a close 2nd)
Most fun markets to shop in: Iran
Most blue I've even seen: Uzbekistan
Best plov: Uzbekistan
Best eggplant: China
Most bizzare place: Ashgabat
Saddest animal market: Ashgabat
Scariest late night visitors: Turkey (men with automatic weapons came into our camp at 12:30am)
Worst toilets: China
Best toilets: Uzbekistan
Biggest construction site: China
Best internet connections: China
Cheapest diesel: Iran (2 cents a litre)
Most romantic city: Esphahan, Iran (where we couldn't hold hands)!


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