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February 26th 2010
Published: June 10th 2010
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When all I cared about was to snowboard and conquer one of the best mountains in Canada, I wasn't prepared for the natural beauty and splendor of the Canadian rockies. To be quite honest I'm not one to be amazed of mountains covered by snow, not that I'm not a nature or outdoor person I am but since living in Toronto for over 10 years, a mountain covered in snow is just as ordinary as any mall- they're the same as every other mountain you see.

But the moment we approached the 'canadian rockies' (as we call them, btw we were on the way to Banff) I was awed and shocked with what I see. From a distance you already see these amazing big mountains covered with patches of snow, of course they looked small, but it's like watching it get closer and closer as you drive is just breath taking.

The front view of our van (as we went there with a group of friends that we met up in Edmonton) is a row of mountains covered in snow and when you look at the side of the van is this empty, flat land. It's amazing how from flat it turned into massive mountains.

There's a peaceful feeling that I got just by watching the mountains as we drove by it. So I had the moment and realized how beautiful my country is and what it has to offer. It's not man made, or has any religious meaning or history to it, but it's nature's work of wonder. The mountains as you pass and drive by are untouched, I noticed the powdery snow that covers them, until we were enveloped by these massive wonders.

Something so small from a distance became bigger than the mountain it already is. I felt small being surrounded by the Canadian Rockies... and for a brief but long moment... I appreciated my country and what it has to offer....

And since we went to Banff while the Winter Olympics was being held to the neighboring province at Wistler... seeing the rockies just made it even more memorable...

The Canadian Rockies is a must see and visit.... the scenery is fantastic and you just wpn't get enough of it...

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