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January 23rd 2013
Published: January 24th 2013
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Fog: Dubai style... 'Dubai Style' is a phrase often used to describe the way of life in Dubai from the red tape for expats to the Ferrari's & designer handbags... For the last two days, Dubai has shown itself in a more mysterious and moody light, covered in a thick blanket of fog.

Fog in Dubai, I am talking extremely thick fog with visibility down to 50-100metres.... Brilliant! My dream.. Fog does it for me... I am in pure bliss, excitement, running around with my camera, shooting the dramatic shapes and silhouettes as they emerge from the fog. They are at times subtle with low contrast, or dramatic dark shapes as they break through, contrasted by the dense layers of fog.

The fog allows the trees and buildings to subdue and soften and push back in to the distance or come forward and offer a strong contrast against what is lost and softened in the distance.

What comes forward, what is revealed, what emerges, what is softened and what is strong as they emerging in rich contrast of shape and colour against the whiteout of the fog...

I am completely in my element in fog... I love walking in to the mist and having the landscape and environment revealed to me in a soft slow motion ...So to be living in the desert environment of the UAE in Downtown Dubai I was overjoyed to be in the fog with my camera.

The light is amazing, glowing when the sun is breaking through behind thick layers of fog.. beams of light streaking through... and then it's gone, blanketed in the fog again... then revealed again as a soft glow , the light and mist constantly shifting.

I am looking everywhere with my camera, up above, behind, up high, down low, forward, to the sides... everywhere I look ...The towers of Downtown Dubai, especially The Burj Khalifa, the fountain lake and Old Town Island are stunning as they are hidden and revealed through the fog.

The old fortress structures, palm trees, bougainvillaea, with its striking magenta against the soft white fog... the arabesque shapes of archways and decorative details on the buildings, the greenery that adds a strong colorful contrast to all that is grey and softened.. the burst of fountains, white on white effect, water against fog...

Then as the sun breaks out and slowly reveals the Burj Khalifa like a rocket launching in to the clouds...this ominous shape revealed slowly through the breaking fog and with the strong beams of sunlight catching the tower as it breaks through... stunning! Two mornings and over 700 photos later.....see attached a small shortlist of some of these photos!

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