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July 26th 2012
Published: July 26th 2012
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So i've arrived in Dubai in one piece, albeit a very sweaty one! The flight was ok and thank goodness i made it, there was a crash on the M62 about 400 metres from where we were but luckily we snuck off and went the back way, apparently there were 10 hour hold ups and that would have been serious bad news!

I landed at 9pm (it was 44 degrees) and it took about 1 1/2 hours to get through customs, they say Heathrows bad, and off i headed to the hotel! It's a really nice place, just your generic Ibis but its more than fit for purpose. I found it hard to sleep last night but i think that's becuase i was still so excited. I'm sure i'll be out like a light in a few hours time.

Today i was up and out early to go to the Jumeira Mosque to see the sister of a lady i worked with in London. She was really suprised that i turned up (so was i) but i'm glad i did as i got to play fancy dress (see photos of Helen the Arab). After that i headed to the Burj Khalifa which is over 800 metres high and you can go to the viewing platform on the 124th floor....very exciting. I got some really good pictures but couldn't really see the Burj Al Arab or the islands that well as it's very hazy in this 47 degree heat! As well as the heat, i have Ramadan to contend with. I totally understand why they do it (after being educated on it this morning) but it's really difficult not to eat or drink in this heat. Much of the rest of the day has been spent at shopping malls mooching around as it's just too hot to really do anything. To be honest i'm quite looking forward to Thailand as Dubai isn't really the destination for a lone traveller. Roll on Bangkok!

Anyway that's it for now, i get to Thailand at 19.30 tomorrow so i'm sure that another update will come in a few days.

Best thing i've seen today: A Gold ATM machine

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Dressing upDressing up
Dressing up

I'm with Tracy here, she is the sister of a lady i worked with in London

26th July 2012

Views are breathtaking...despite the haze from 124 floor stomach wrenched just looking at them. Isn't it hot dressed in so much black? Good to see you enjoying the various experiences on offer. Is there any poverty to be seen in Dubai?
28th July 2012

I didn't see any poverty but i'm certain it exists. No the theory is that the black forms a shadow so it carries a flow of cool air underneath the individual, there must be some truth in it otherwise the ladies would all melt. All of the buildings are air-conditioned to about 20 degrees so it can feel a little chilly when you step indoors.
26th July 2012

Gold ATM
Is it gold coloured or actual gold? If the latter, how many karats?
28th July 2012

Hi Ann-Marie, It's pure gold and it starts off at about £100 and goes all the way up to over £10000 depending on the weight. It's one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen, until i got to Thailand that is!
26th July 2012

Good God!
Wow - awesome Helen! x
28th July 2012

love this pic ! and lovin ur trouser s or skirt ot wrap round lol xxxxxxx
28th July 2012

Loving you as an Arab although the rest of your pictures make me feel sick!! too high its too high!!
28th July 2012
Gold ATM

non plussed
Dude not sure what the fuss is about with this? walk down lewisham high street and everyother shop is 'Cash for Gold'...ha ha
28th July 2012
Gold ATM

Brilliant, you're a genius Jen x x

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