Day 32 - Questions for you!

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July 1st 2012
Published: July 1st 2012
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yes, I've been here for more than a month! It's crazy huh? Tonight as I was sitting in the hot tub of my posh hotel, I wondered what the next few months will be like. If and when I go to Qatar, will I be staying in another hotel? A nice apartment? A crappy apartment? Roommates? Or will I get an apartment here before I leave? Will Jamie and I be roomies? Will I have to wait to buy a car? And if I wait too long, should I just lease instead of buy?

So many questions popping around in my head, but even though there are still so many things up the air, I still have accomplished a lot. I feel comfortable going out and about. I have found food places that I like, though I am getting a little tired of them. And honestly, I am liking the rhythm at work. It is completely insanity at times, yes, but I like that! I love organizing and multitasking and getting things DONE.

I do want VEGETABLES!!! They must be around here somewhere... I am tired of fruits and carbs. There are a lot of delicious grilled vegetable cold sandwiches, but I want some zucchini, peppers, carrots, anything! They don't sell too many at the grocery stores near the hotel and i'm a little worried to buy them there anyway, but if I go to the mall tomorrow (for the errands that I put off today), I can buy a bunch I think. I have my lunch boxes and oil and vinegar ready for some veggies salads! 😊

I think I really just want to cook.

Ok, quest for you: I've been living in a hotel for 32 days with nothing but a kettle to boil water and a refrigerator that is only slightly cold. I need more variety than the sandwiches, fruit, granola, noodles and takeout that i've been living on. Suggestions?? Let's hear it!


1st July 2012

Well, If you can find a way to make some rice or Quinoa or something like that, you could make a nice cold salad...just add some fruit, veggies (if you can find them), and maybe nuts. Oil and Vinegar are all you need to season...That's all I got for you...sorry.
1st July 2012

Sandwiches are awesome
I am afraid I can't help you with the food ideas. What you mentioned in your post is just about what I live on, and I have access to a lot more cooking equipment than you do. As you know, my diet is pretty basic. As far as your car is concerned, I would definitely look into a short term lease. I think that would make more sense than buying. You are only planning to stay there for two years, right? If you buy, I think it could be hard to turn around and sell it. But if you lease, when you leave, you can just turn the car in. I would imagine you won't do a ton of driving in the two years you are there. If anything, when you travel, you will probably take a plane, train or bus, or something. Just a thought. Hope all is well, pookie. Cheers, Romsa
2nd July 2012

Oatmeal is about all I could come up with....
2nd July 2012

Steve, I've looked for oatmeal and cannot find any. I'm sure it must be here somewhere. In the meantime, I bought porridge which I have not tried yet!

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