Bradbury-Hayden Visit Pt.1

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May 20th 2011
Published: May 20th 2011
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I’m sure those of you who are my friends on Facebook are already aware that I’ve had some visitors the past few weeks. The constant status updates and the barrage of photo uploads to your news feeds almost deterred me from writing about said events. Almost.
To start with the 1st member of the party arrived in the form of Scott Hayden, fresh from his recent deployment and miles ahead of me in the tanning game. Seriously ahead. So I greeted him at his parents’ house, shared a manly embrace and quickly ushered him outside to show him the Stang.... Then I gave him a ride in the stang whilst we talked about.... you’ve guessed it, the weather! We then visited times of old and got a Subway to go, and I showed him my residence. By this point Scott is thoroughly unimpressed, filled with jealousy I can see him eyeing me up. Pondering whether or not he could pass himself off as me and throw me down the garbage chute. Obviously he decided against it and we enjoyed our foot longs.....
Now during the week I was unfortunately working, so not much went on other than Scott relaxing by the pool whilst I was doing student assessments. B*****d. The weekend arrived and we went out for a few beers at the Madinat, one of my favourite places in Dubai. This was followed by a few more beers at the Terrace bar, an open air bar some way up a hotel tower with great views of Dubai. A trip to the beach on Saturday saw the weekend draw to a close and me going back to work.
So the start of another week, and this meant the arrival of the next member of the Bradbury-Hayden clan, Garry. Again I was in work when he landed, but I prayed all day that he got searched and questioned by customs. Unfortunately my prayers went unanswered and I arrived at the Hayden residence to see Garry happy as Larry and no stories of anal intrusion to tell. So I quickly ushered him outside to show him the Stang.... Then I gave him a ride in the stang whilst we talked about..... you guessed it, poo!! The day after saw the arrival of the fourth and final member of the clan, Bradbury!! Dave Bradbury that is, he was greeted at the airport by Scott and Garry, and a member from airport security who wanted to search his bags.... 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. I finished work and drove to the Hayden residence once again to see my brother, I quickly ushered him outside to see the..... Well you get the picture. No? Well I’ve attached one just for you.
So everyone was together again and ready to start some Dubai action, we looked at each other inquisitively in the stang, not wondering what was in store, but wondering who f*** had just dropped that stinking fart.... The adventure begins.


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