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November 14th 2010
Published: November 15th 2010
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1: Dubia Mall Fountain Show 71 secs
2: Waterfall Dubai Mall 3 secs
It is now Eid vacation and we spent our first day going to Dubai. I have been waiting a long time to experience the place that the whole world is talking about:
Once you pass the Coffee Pot Roundabout (pictured) you know you have left Al Ain and you are on your way! It is a 1 1/2-2 hr. drive from Al Ain to Dubai, but it is a a beautiful ride minus all the construction thats going on. The road we ride on is a new road and is still being worked on and it goes right through the dessert, so you will see rolling red sand dunes, camel farms, and desert villages.

Dubai Kinda reminds me of Orlando the way it is set up Knowledge Village, Jebal Ali Village, Children's City, Jumeirah Village, International Media Production Zone, Dubai Marina, etc., etc., theres even Dubai World. Our original plan is to see Jumeirah Palms (palm islands), Burj Khalifah (tallest building in the world), Ikea (we need a bookcase), and do some sight seeing around the city. I told my husband to get a map having been there before and being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place, knowing that it is not at all like Al Ain where its virtuallly impossible to get lost because all the roads and roundabouts eventually lead you where you need to go. But of course my husband didnt need a map, what man does? Needless to say our plans where cut down to the tallest building and The Mall of Dubai. (smile)

Dubai reminds me of a great Magic trick done by David Copperfield. For example, if you travel the designated tourist roads to Burj Khalifa the city looks so beautiful. Burj Khalifah sits high on a hill the tallest Building in the world, made from glass and mirrors, sparkling like a gigantic diamond shimmering in the sunlight (pictured). But if you get lost (no map remember) and you come in from the back way, the roads less traveled- its like a ghost town, there are 100's of cranes atop tall unfinished structures. Some of them the work begun, but no one finished. It seems the recession of the world has affected Dubai and it looks like it was frozen in time, unfinshed. Some new structures have already starting to deteriorate (pictured). Its puzzling. its such a mish mash of tradition and progression. A good example of that would be a picture I posted, its of a multi-colored, digital catwalk, built into the floor of the "Fashion Avenue" section of the mall, and a sister with full traditional nikab walking down the runway, probably oblivious to what it was. There are prayer rooms on "Fashion Avenue." Also you hear all this funky music playing like "Pump up the Jam" then it stops... you hear the Ithan. There are all of these high fashion stores every name brand that is out there is in this Mall, and some you have never heard of. You see the women walking dressed in black from head to toe, black veil draped over there faces and black abayas that brush the floor, but on their shoulder they carry Louis Vuitton, Coach, CoCo Chanel.....and on their feet, Girls there's stillettos under them abayas, Jimi choo, prada, Gualtier, etc., etc.,
My experience is wonderful, Lord knows I love Luxury. But I cant help but feel a bit guilty and scared. I have seen this all before in the west and it corrupts societies...doesnt it? But I see mosques everywhere, they make it so easy to remember Allah. There are signs thanking Allah for what he has given the country. The locals seem to stick to their traditions and dress. On the outside it looks stable, but like all great illusions you never see whats really hidden...

Dubai Mall reportedly the largest mall in the world is AMAZING. No matter what I tell you. I wont be able to do it justice. from the minute you enter the garage and signs tell you how many spaces are now available in each row of parking, you are having an experience...Its wonderful!!!!! We ended up spending all our time there. Enjoy the pictures!

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Indians playing cricketIndians playing cricket
Indians playing cricket

Thanks for the directions guys!
Getting closer to Burj KhalifaGetting closer to Burj Khalifa
Getting closer to Burj Khalifa

See it in the background

15th November 2010
Dubai 017

totally awesome
15th November 2010
Dubai 021

is it named after chelsea clinton? lol
15th November 2010
Dubai 022

puts me in mind of times square somewhat!
15th November 2010
Dubai 026

halal subway huh?
15th November 2010
Getting closer to Burj Khalifa

yup I see it LOL
15th November 2010
behing the Burj Kalifah

Thar she blows!
15th November 2010
Behind the tallest building in the world

this is how Saudi was, construction everywhere, we had to use masks!
15th November 2010
Dubai 048

one of the signs of nearing the last days!
15th November 2010
Dubai 049

my babies :)
15th November 2010
Dubai 050

15th November 2010
Dubai 051

I wonder what superman would have said? LOL
15th November 2010
Dubai 052

wow, I'll bet those are apt. buildings flanking the water?
15th November 2010
Dubai 063

I love the cleanliness :)
15th November 2010
Dubai 081

WOW! That is awesome :) What an ending!
15th November 2010
Dubai 082

15th November 2010
Dubai 084

Everything is done in such a HUGE waay!
15th November 2010
Abdullah being a King

15th November 2010
Abdullah being a Nice Kind

awwww the little prince :) Kisses Abdullah.
15th November 2010
Asiyah being herself

The little Princess :) Kisses Asiyah!
15th November 2010
Dubai 101

Thanx a Bunch, I enjoyed! :) Kisses to you :)

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