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October 23rd 2019
Published: October 30th 2019
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Desert to Jungle

I'm not 100% sure where Tuesday went.

The water pressure in the hotel was amazing!

The breakfast spread was even more so! A buffet probably twice as long as my kitchen. Cereal, several types of meet and breads, hummus, pancakes, potatoes, lots of pastries (including chocolate crescents!) There was also some sort of soup/stew and rice. And teeny, tiny glass jars of jelly and ketchup. We may have put them in our suitcase.

We started our journey back to the metro. But we found the mall wasn’t open at 6am. (Sounds pretty reasonable to me.) So we had to walk around the mall to find the metro.

Parking garage. There’s light over there! Nope. Still part of the mall, just with no roof. That looks like a street; let’s head that way. Still mall. We walked a TON. Finally, we found it and made our way back to the airport.

During our time here last night and this morning, I saw lots of words on buildings that I recognized as names of people I know at home! Majd. Alrifai.

I realized as I was seeing things in the daylight that I kept thinking, “I can’t wait to tell Tato about this and show it to him!” He was so little when I was on the road and traveling a lot, so everything that was new to me was something I tried to tell him about. (He first learned about time zones when I called him on his 7th birthday from Germany, and he was eating breakfast, but I had just finished dinner!) I hope he travels with me soon!

Checked in, nothing eventful. Though I did get really excited as we neared the terminal because there were a lot of Africans around. Duh! We were heading to Uganda!

I had a window seat and took pics of Dubai and Entebbe from the air. So different! Uneventful flight until a pretty hard landing.

Moses was there to greet us, and all our bags arrived.

Moses is the executive director of Bold Ventures, the NGO we are meeting up with. He’ll be our guide for the next 10 days.

He took us to a guesthouse so we could rest. We got some chips, and I started messaging ACC friends. Auntie Harriet came to meet us for dinner! It was lovely to get to chat and catch up with her. I’m going to try to see some of the kids as well. Well, apparently they are adults now since it has been 11 years.

I made sure Becca knew what to do with her mosquito net and the basin where the shower should be. It’s a bit surreal that I’m here. It feels familiar somehow. I’m so excited for the week ahead! Bed time!


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